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I posted a review for Monster Hunter Tri a while ago, but when I submitted it, it deleted my star rating.  So I tried to edit it, but the star rating wouldn't show up.  So I tried to delete the review, and resubmit the review.  Once again, the star rating didn't show up.  
My other problem is the review won't even show up anymore.  I've tried numerous times to resubmit the review but it just won't go on the site.  It says I have 161 reviews (before I had 160) and it says there are 4 Monster Hunter Tri reviews but there are only 3 visible.  
Little help?

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I played the hell out of Twilight Princess and God of War, yet, I don't own either of them. 

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What Is Klonoa
I need More Wii Games to play
Free Stuff is really cool

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Well, what I meant was in the old preview section, it would tell you below your review if someone commented on it or not.  It would be nice to have that back, since I have no idea what reviews I wrote have comments on them until I click on them.

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I have another question about the reviews page.  Did they remove the notification if someone commented on your review or not too?  I liked that feature about the old set up. 

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In no order;
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy Tactics
Tales of Symphonia
Final Fantasy II
Zelda: Link to the Past

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about half of my reviews were screwed up.  There's no way I'm going to try to fix them all.

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chazer127 said:
"Stratagy = Rise of nations / warcraft 1-3 / Halo wars, so basicly games where you comand an army of forces and tacke over city ect
Tactics   = FF tactics / luminous arc / Fire emblam, basicly games that give you a set number of forces (usually 8 or 9) and give you mission to kill all of the oposing side in a small area"
all strategy games...