Anyone Else Getting this game?

#1 Posted by MachoFantastico (5405 posts) -

Not the biggest ATV fan... in fact I hardly watch or play games based on it. But I thought the Pure demo was great and I can imagine it being brilliant online if it all runs well. Plus there seems to be a solid amount of tracks on offer. Was wondering if anyone else will be picking up PURE when it gets release at the end of the month?

#2 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

It looks good but I really don't know yet.

#3 Posted by j_meyer_13 (412 posts) -

Don't think I'll buy it, but yeah, the demo was pretty cool.

#4 Posted by Kilzombie (484 posts) -

Demo was cool, if it has splitscreen, then I might consider getting it.

#5 Posted by AnTiPRO (105 posts) -

I enjoyed the demo and I might be getting the game. I might have to rent it to see how many people play online before I make a decision.

#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

From what I've seen it looks to be pretty fun, but I still have to download the demo already.

#7 Posted by Yit (938 posts) -

I'm thinking gamefly.

#8 Posted by Nik_NYG (575 posts) -

The demo seems fine, but I'm not gonna bother with pure.

#9 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I just tried the demo...I found it to be alright. It's kind of fun, but it doesn't do anything that hasn't been done before.

#10 Posted by Player1 (3995 posts) -

Unlikely, the tricks don't look that compelling, and I'm not into atv games at all. I heard its madly fast paced, which would be cool. 

#11 Posted by TheJollyRajah (1606 posts) -

Here's my thoughts:

When I first heard the Pure demo was out, I rushed to my PS3 to download this sucker. I loved Motorstorm, and I was hoping for Pure to be similar.. BUT, I found Pure to be too much like Motorstorm except with some minor features and gameplay elements stripped out of it and a few new things tacked on.

First thing I noticed were the music selections.... many of them were also on Motorstorm. Since I've already played the original Motorstorm for hours I found these songs to be a bit stale. Then, as the game started showing the 'opening trailer' at the select screen, I noticed some courses that were very similar to Motorstorm's, such as the track with all hot air balloons......

So, I decided to forget about it and I went and played it for 20 minutes.

Here's what I didn't like-

1) You can only select ATV's. This, in my opinion, is a major letdown. Racing on a track along with bikes, trucks, cars, and ATV's (I know there's more but I forget.) was what made the game feel so chaotic and fun. And what made this even better was the fact that you had to change your racing style and paths whenever you used a different veichle.

2) As I said before, the music seems like it was ripped from the original Motorstorm. 

3) The announcer guy sounds too Disneyish, if you know what I mean. Wish I turn his ******* voice OFF. (The game was developed by Disney.....)

4) The characters on the ATV's look like skinny little preteens... which makes the game feel way too innocent for me.

5) The tricks aren't fun at all.... which is a shame, because the game puts a lot of emphasis on them. As you race, you have to 'unlock' tricks. And if you crash, you lose all of the tricks unlocked and you have to unlcok them again..... feels way too restricted.

6) Worst of all, the impact and slow-mo crash scenes are NOT THERE. This drops so much of that chaotic feeling I felt from Motorstorm in the toilet. The crash scenes are so brief in this game, there are no explosions, AND the funny ragdoll physics from Motorstorm are nowhere to be found. It's like they Disneyfied the game for prepubescent kiddies. 

Overall, I'd give this game a 3/5 stars. The graphics are there, and the gameplay is solid, but there are so many little things that scream "MOTORSTORM!!!". Whenever I see a hot air balloon I......................."MOTORSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I listen to the music........."MOTORSTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And no, this game is not nearly as fun as Motorstorm. It's like comparing Cheez-its to Cheese Nips... everone knows Cheez-itz are better. My advice- get Motorstorm: Pacific Rift when it comes out.
#12 Posted by chromosome (7 posts) -

I think the game looks really good, but I would freak if they incorporated the ATV OFFROAD FURY tag mode.  I have to say that I would probably buy the game just for that, it was always fun on the PS2 and very easy to waste an entire day, whether it be drunk or sober gaming. I do believe that the game was made for the "younger" generation and it may have the graphics but they probably wont put anything remotely violent in the game simply because it is disney.  I probably wont buy the game with games like the new motorstorm coming out, if it actually gets a great or even good response I will be surprised.

#13 Posted by Lemegeton (812 posts) -

the demo was fun but i think the full game could be too limited and with motorstorm 2 on the way i doubt i would get Pure. prob give it a rent though

#14 Posted by MB (13763 posts) -

I think the demo was about all the Pure I'll ever need.  It definitely doesn't seem worth spending $60 on...if I'm really desperate for a new game to play, I may rent it sometime next summer when there is nothing else to play.

#15 Posted by yellownumber5 (415 posts) -

Definately nope.  My next game in my budget is Dead Space.  Then after the rest of this Q4 I won't get back to any other racing games like this except for maybe Baja.

#16 Posted by MachoFantastico (5405 posts) -

So I guess thats kind of a no then :) I can see what you guys are saying though.

To be fair to PURE tho, I have the same feeling I had with Motorstorm except I do honestly feel I could have more fun with PURE. I liked Motorstorm it was a good solid racer, but also wasn't that much fun to play in my opinion after half an hour or so. Maybe thats just me but heres hopeing Pacific Rift will be better. I'm still considering Picking up PURE. Its currently going for £29.99 preorder over here in good old England, which isn't bad and I can't help but feel SSX Tricky when I play it and thats never a bad thing!

#17 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

If it was a dry season for games then I probably would as I was pleasantly surprised by the demo. At the same time my lack of interest in ATV racing holds me back.

#18 Posted by PunkBeatz (39 posts) -

I played the demo for the first time last night on the 360. I'm not into ATV stuff in any way at all, but really enjoyed the demo.

I liked:

1) The graphics. Yeah, people keep banging on about it being Disney, but who cares when it looks that good? 

2) The air. I personally do not get tired of launching off huge jumps, no matter what game it is. 

3) The speed. I'd played a couple of ATV games briefly a few years ago and they hardly seemed like the most breakneck games, I think the sense of speed is conveyed well here.

I'll agree with others though that the soundtrack is lacklustre and the tricks aren't the most amazing. Still, we've yet to see the full game and I think with all the tracks, the customization and the online play (if many get onboard), it will be a solid game (especially if you don't have a PS3 for Motorstorm:Pacific Rift). Did anyone watch the vid at the end? Some of the tricks looked awesome - particularly the one where the rider turns around and 'goes to sleep' on the saddle!

The multiplayer is really going to be the deciding factor on whether I buy or rent, but it's £28.99 on ShopTo.Net at the moment, and it's guaranteed next day delivery if you order before 5.30pm, so it might just be worth the purchase.

#19 Posted by SpinCookie (749 posts) -

Should I get this or Motorstorm: Pacific Rift?

#20 Posted by Monkey_Guy (30 posts) -

This is looking like a winner as I don't have a PS3 yet, but only if they'll bring out a PC demo. Not looking likely :(

#21 Posted by Highlander (30 posts) -

it couldve been a great atv game, but spoonman isnt on the soundtrack

#22 Posted by n8 (281 posts) -

meh spoonman..  og atv offroad fury = best soundtrack ever because of ultraspank...  

pure soundtrack is also meh but i picked it up and its really damn badass actually..  good fun

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