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Puzzle & Action: Tant-R is a mini-game collection of puzzles and the first of three spin-offs of Sega's Bonanza Bros., a co-op crime caper stealth action game based somewhat on The Blues Brothers. Like Bonanza Bros., the game is designed for two players to compete with one another, though it can be played single-player as well.

The goal of Tant-R is to chase after escaped convicts by solving mini-games. These mini-games are selected at random, though the player can stop on the desired mini-game with a roulette function similarly to how mini-games are decided in the Mario Party series. Some of these roulette options instead provide bonuses (such as additional lives) and lead to a random game. Most of these mini-games involve solving common puzzles such as sliding blocks around to form a picture or solving shell games involving ninjas and top hats.

The game was released in the Arcades initially in 1992, and then ported to the Mega Drive and Game Gear in Japan only. It was followed with two sequels: 1994's Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R, also for the Arcade, Mega Drive and Game Gear; and 1997's Puzzle & Action: Treasure Hunt, for the Arcade and Saturn.

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