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As either Robo or Mobo steal all the treasure in the building and make your escape to the next level.  If a security guard gets in your way shoot him and he'll fall into an unconscious heap.  
A number of significant changes were made to the European version of the Genesis/Mega Drive port; the bros. are named Mike and Spike, and instead of thieves they are 'investigators', who receive a letter from an anonymous businessman who wants them to test the security of his various establishments.

Arguably scraping the bottom of the barrel, Sega included Robo & Mobo as a racer in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Their unique vehicle is the Get-a-Way Wagon, and their All-Star Move is Blimp Strike, in which whichever brother is shorter rises up to a blimp above the wagon and lobs bombs at the racers behind the brothers. 

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