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Riddle Me This 0

Love it or hate it, the first Puzzle Quest was a huge hit, which somewhat surprised most gamers when it was released in 2007. It combined the addictive gameplay of similar games such as Bejeweled, and added in various RPG elements including a story, sidequests, character leveling, spells, and so on. Critics from both the puzzle and role-playing sides however didn't care much for it generally; puzzle-fans claimed the gameplay was too watered down and simplistic, while RPG-fans thought the st...

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Puzzle Quest 2 Review 0

Puzzle Quest 2 is the true successor to Puzzle Quest, a game in which you play two genres of games, Puzzle and Role Playing. You can be an assassin, a barbarian, a knight, and more. You will get to play the game Puzzle Quest, but in a more intimate fashion. What I mean by that is that instead of playing from an over-world map, like the first one, you'll be controlling your character through different rooms/areas.Graphically this game is definitely an improvement over the first, not only in the l...

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Contender or Wanna-be? 0

The original Puzzle Quest took the gaming community by storm; an inventive blend of RPG mechanics and match puzzler, it defined a new sub-genre. And now the sequel looks to recapture the excitement of the original, while streamlining the experience. And for the most part, it succeeds.The idea behind Puzzle Quest games is simple: take the matching game from Bejeweled as a way to earn mana, do damage to your opponent, etc., and layer in a turn-based RPG. The sequel refines many elements from the f...

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A Heroic Effort 0

 Match some jewels and protect your fellow man in the excellent Puzzle Quest 2.   If you have never looked into D3's Puzzle Quest franchise, picture a role-playing game with character classes, quests, loot, economy, a classic fantasy setting, and so on. Fuse that with a combat system akin to PopCap's casual game mecca Bejeweled, and you have the basic structure of this strange and fresh series. Puzzle Quest 2 is addictive, rewarding, and a huge improvement over its forebear. By re...

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Still fun, but takes some steps backward 0

Puzzle Quest brought together two genres – puzzle and RPG – and made them work so well that we all asked “why hasn’t this been done before?” Three years and a poorly received spin-off (Puzzle Quest: Galactrix) later and the big question is whether or not the formula holds up. It does, but rather than refine what the original offered and streamline the experience, Puzzle Quest 2’s real improvement is in its presentation (which ironically creates some new problems).  Cheating AI? The premise is e...

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More Puzzle goodness, less of other stuff. 0

You know what Puzzle Quest 2 has? Puzzles: lots and lots of puzzles. If you like/love match-3-gems style gameplay, then this is right up your alley. The main combat puzzles are still loads of fun, as are most of the additional mini-game puzzles. The unlocking puzzles can be frustrating as you try and line up specific gems, to specific points on the board, with limited turns. Stick to bashing open every lock and door; especially if you want the Achievement.  if you came to this sequel expecting t...

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I liked the original better 0

While it may be hard to convince many people that the original Puzzle Quest is superior to the sequel, I can't ignore the fact that I finished that game twice while I traded the sequel in after 10 hours.  Since the gameplay is mostly the same, it is really just a few details that really drag this game down in my mind.  First, I didn't like the decision to change the overworld map to a close up map.  It adds to the amount of time you spend needlessly clicking on arrows on the screen without provi...

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This puzzle is missing a few pieces 0

Puzzle Quest 2, like its predecessor, is  a crazy combination of two seemingly disjoint game types (Bejeweled and RPG) that are combined to form  a portal for casual gamers to engage a genre they would typically ignore. Puzzle Quest 1 used the classic game Warlords as its RPG template, while Puzzle Quest 2 uses a formula much closer to a dungeon crawler such as Diablo.  As far as the Bejeweled aspect is concerned, Puzzle Quest 2 improves on the match three game-play of its predecessor. It does s...

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How to build a sequel. 0

   Way back in the heady days of early 2007, when the Playstation 3 was released to Australian customers and Paul McCartney was continuing his lengthy divorce with his one-legged, piratical mistress, a small Australian development studio created the charming downloadable game, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Designed on a shoestring budget and focussed on a simple gameplay idea, Infinite Interactive’s Puzzle Quest was a resounding success. All across the wonderful cesspool of hatred and...

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