Please boycott this game

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@buzz_killington said:

"And us, the consumers should show that we don't want people to be depressed or have "suicidal tendencies" because of making a fucking video game."

I was under the impression that an employee was already suffering from depression, not that it was a direct result of the workload?
To be honest I think that having worked on this project for so long, having put their blood sweat and tears into making the game as awesome as possible, the last thing they want is for you to not buy it and enjoy it.
You don't get into this industry for the money, you do it because you love what you do. The conditions at Rockstar may have been harsh, may even have been socially destructive, but I'm willing to bet the guys working on RDR are all feeling pretty fucking happy right now knowing they have shipped a fucking incredible game.

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