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Join Steam group here Gamenight =  Thursdays, one week for NA players (6:30 pm Pacific) the next for EU players (8:00 pm GMT)

Since there's a good number of Giant Bomb members playing this game, I thought I could organize a gamenight for us to play together. 

 Red Orchestra 2 is a realistic, strategical competitive WW2 PC FPS, the sequel to Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. It is expected by many PC gamers to be the best true-ist competitive PC title this year, with amazing gameplay, 64 players, multiple game modes, public server files, mod support, Commander mode + squads + teamwork, LAN support and more..

Cutting edge graphics, amazing WW2 sound, an abundance of PC options for everything, a massive control scheme on the keyboard. The game consists of two teams: Axis vs. Allies, revolves around the German/Russian WW2 conflict, and is heavily based on infantry combat, with a touch of tank battles and the use of transport vehicles to travel across the enormous maps.

No regenerating health, no bullet sponges, no instant spawning, etc..

Think of this game as a realistic Battlefield game, only with better PC elements and services, genuine 100% PC development.

Here's a gameplay video showing you the pacing and feel of the gameplay:

If I wanted to share my opinion on this game, I'd say that it's gonna be the perfect experience to go along with Battlefield 3. BF3 is going to be the crazy fast-paced-stunt-based vehicular warfare action experience with jets and arcade-ish elements, dog tags and ribbons and medallions, whereas Red Orchestra 2 is going to be the more serious-toned realistic slow-based teamwork-heavy Battlefield, for serious highly-tactical gamenights.

So i'm gonna organize two game nights a week for the Giant Bomb community, one for BF3 and the other for RO2.

If you got the game, please post your Steam ID.

GB UsernameSteam ID
DonPixelFatija Boss
Xyber Xyber Death
ArougaThat One Guy!
Dejkrigeren Spandaueren
Resident4t Resident4t
Jackel2072 jackel2072

Made by GB member Xyber!
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Seems like a decent game from what i've seen.  How's the lag on 64vs64 servers?  Though lots of betas are coming up this month, then huge releases the next few months, dunno if I'll have time to seriously play it.

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I had no idea you were a GiantBomber AhmadMetallic!

I'm way down! ^_^

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Hey, sign me up!

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I'm not gonna lie duders not realy feeling it so far, but add me to the list, I'm gonna sink more time because I really want to like this one.

This might be one of those adquire taste cases.. just like Miles Davis

Steam ID: donpixel - One and only true Taco Fajita conssieour

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Sign me up! Steam ID: ZeForgotten (duh :P )

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I don't currently possess it, and im going to be busy for the next month or so (Or at least I'm supposed to be), so i'm not sure.

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i dont know i might get it so dont sign me up yet ill hit you up if i do.

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Count me in ID: Unreal595

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of course i'm playing!  
SteamID: cryptic_code

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I just did the normal pre-order so I won't be able to join the fun till launch.

Steam ID: Handuar

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Yes I'll do the things.


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I didn't get the deluxe version so I didn't get beta access, but I'm really looking forward to playing this on the 13th. 

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Will be joining you guys when it's released. Really looking forward to the game, looks awesome.

#15 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

Steams Vorbix, can't wait for it but I shall be skipping the beta, shall join you on retail though (lag pending).

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The thing about the refund for the pre-order is true. You can get it back as long as you apply for it before the release date, but you have to send them an email, which could take a couple of days.

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I need an avatar for the steam group! Whoever creates a good one, gets their name mentioned in the group's headline ^^  Use one of these: 1 / 2 + add a nice GB logo as a background or whatever.  
Join Steam group here
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ok i got it put me in my steam name is manhunt360

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Saw that you've added me to the list, so here's my SteamID: Xyber Death

I'll try to make something out of the images, but not really a pro when it comes to stuff like this. I'm not expecting you to use whatever I come up with, but it can be fun to get some more practice in PS. :P

Edit: Just finished my image, what do you guys think? Remember now, I'm pretty new when it comes to image editing so if you think I should improve something just let me know and I'll do what I can. : )

Here is 3 different versions. I like the second one the most, but the text is maybe a little too small for a group image.

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@Xyber: Thank you! sweet job. Your name added ^^
#22 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic: Thank you too!

And Steam apparently can't find me with the name Xyberly, even though it's in my link. =/ Just change it to Xyber Death and it works.

#23 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -


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so when do we have a bombing run cause i wanna ride in a tank with some duders.

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Do you have to order the deluxe edition to get into the beta, or does the standard edition get you into it as well? Not really into spending 10 extra bucks for TF2 hats :/

Really enjoyed their source mod, Insurgency, which got me into the original RO for a bit. Really looking forward to this game. This, BF3, Witcher 2, and Skyrim will be my main holiday purchases for the year.

#26 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

@Butano said:

Do you have to order the deluxe edition to get into the beta, or does the standard edition get you into it as well? Not really into spending 10 extra bucks for TF2 hats :/

Deluxe, i'm afraid.

#27 Posted by Butano (1850 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic: Shoot dang. Ah well, I can wait a week.

#28 Posted by AlexW00d (6737 posts) -


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Well, Completely thanks to Mr. Metallic telling me about the game i now have it too! soo count me in. ID:PuppetExile      Name: That One Guy!

#30 Posted by Gav47 (1583 posts) -

I'm so bad at this game I'm not giving my ID -_-

#31 Posted by Dejkrigeren (388 posts) -

I've had the beta since it was released and I've been having tons of fun so far. My primary gripe is that I can't really coordinate with other players since none of my friends are playing and it takes too much work to have teamwork with pubs.

Name on steam:

steam id: Spandaueren

Steam name: MaxGentleman

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We use the steam group for any announcements, not this thread, just fyi.

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Count me in 
My Steam Id/name is : Resident4t
So far I am having that 0 servers issue, but I joined one game with like 6 people -_-  

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been playing the beta for the last few hours. i love it so far. i feel like it has one foot in ARMA and one in Battlefield. its a good split between arcade and sim.

also steam name jackel2072

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Our mass numbers will crush the life out of the Nazi menace.

#36 Posted by olegyef (25 posts) -

Here is my steam account: olegyef

In full disclosure I have no idea how to play this game.

#37 Posted by SmasheControllers (2950 posts) -

Wait I can get a refund if I don't like it(Which I probably will), How?

#38 Posted by toolus (122 posts) -

steam id is toolus_70

I have no idea what I'm doing in this game but i'd like to figure it out. It seems cool.

#39 Posted by cryptic_code (96 posts) -

At the moment the server browser is busted... They better get that fixed soon!

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@SmasheControllers said:

Wait I can get a refund if I don't like it(Which I probably will), How?

Go to steam support start a ticket under billing&payments, It should take a day or two

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@VoshiNova: @Malawi1321: @DonPixel: @ZeForgotten: @scarace360: @BettyWhite: @cryptic_code: @GSego: @KnifeySpoony: @Vorbis: @PeasantAbuse: @Xyber: @Hero_Swe: @Butano: @AlexW00d: @Arouga: @Gav47: @Dejkrigeren: @Resident4t: @Jackel2072: @Belonpopo: @olegyef: @SmasheControllers: @toolus:

Ok guys, it's important that you keep an eye on the Steam group page because it's like our game center, we post announcements and schedule events there, you can comment and ask questions, etc..

I didn't want us to start just yet so that people would warm up to the game. Since we don't have much time until the beta is over, we won't be playing once a week, but rather every day.

Tonight will be our first game, from 12 pm UK / 19:00 Eastern / 18:00 Central / 16:00 Pacific until whenever, it doesn't matter. Hopefully I'll have my new PC tonight and will play the beta for hours, maxed out!

EDIT: I edited the time, it was too early for americanos

#42 Posted by Hero_Swe (1259 posts) -

Well, thanks to the latest patch I can't play with a stable framerate until they fix the shadows on low equals crash problem. Sorry.
#43 Posted by cryptic_code (96 posts) -

At least in this game we can all be on the same team and not worry about auto balance.

#44 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

can we have a bombing run on the weekends?

#45 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

@cryptic_code said:

At least in this game we can all be on the same team and not worry about auto balance.

come again? :D

#46 Posted by JoyfullOFrockets (1206 posts) -

Looks a lot lot BiA. Did any former Gearbox employees work on this or something?

#47 Posted by DonPixel (2737 posts) -

@scarace360 said:

can we have a bombing run on the weekends?

yeah I also prefer it to be on weekends, I've been kinda loose latetly but works hit all the sudden during weekdays.

#48 Posted by tankren (23 posts) -

Me to I guess. Steam ID: Tankren

#49 Posted by DonPixel (2737 posts) -

@JoyfullOFrockets said:

Looks a lot lot BiA. Did any former Gearbox employees work on this or something?

Looks like it but it is nothing like it

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sign me up! been having a lot of fun with the beta.

my page!

Edit: Also thought I might give very general tips for this game for newer players and to maybe entice those who might be interested ;).

Due to it's "hardcore" nature, a COD or even battlefield style run and gun will not serve you at all. You will get gunned down fast. Instead, approach every corner very carefully.

Your weapon determines the general play style you should adopt. a rifleman will more likely get gunned down by an assault in a heartbeat in close quarters. However in medium to long range, the rifleman comes out on top. A single shot on target will usually do the trick.

There are mechanics in place that simulates panicking so suppressive fire from a machine-gunner is very useful if you want to make a push to the objective.

different maps garners different play styles. take that into account and use your class in the right manner so as to best help your team. You probably won't play on the apartments maps in the beta, but that is a map where you end up crawling to the objective behind a tiny wall more often than shooting your gun. Whereas maps like barracks are more close quarters and therefore movement may be more free, but death can be around every corner.

This may all seem obvious but trust me, the game will remind you very quickly that you're not doing it right ;)

If any of the players wants to add/correct anything i've mentioned feel free to do so! I'm new to the series and still learning how to play this game effectively :)

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