bad game is . . .

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Stop spamming.

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stop hatin duff

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I love Red Orchestra. Everyone i know seems to hate this game, i don't understand why. It's a very realistic war game, i love that you usually die of one or two bullets.

The tank maps are really the only one i find pretty boring, but i can see why people would like them.

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I remember playing the earlier versions of this game back in the day when it was in the Make Something Unreal Contest. Its pretty good.

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I've heard it's a good game for those who like realistic shooters.

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It's a good break from playing things like DoD:S and CS:S. I agree the tank maps can be a bit boring, but its always a laugh to get the massive russian anti-tank sniper and take out drivers. I can't remember the name of the trench warfare map but it was always awesome.

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Actually, the realism doesn't bring the gameplay down. The game still plays very arcade-like at times, but the increased damage definitely forces you to play the game very tactically. I've never felt like RO was slow-paced, though. Firefights can definitely turn to up-close melee bouts in close quarters.

I think the people who really don't like RO are just terrible at the game, so they whine about the game mechanics instead of learning to play. It's like that with naysayers of every quality game.

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Perhaps you should just stick to the noob friendly COD4 then duffman.   Realistic =/= bad.

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