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Well I've been playing Red Steel for about a month and found that Red Steel is an interesting game.  As far the graphics, its par to golden eye for the 64.  The Physics are pretty good and the ability to destroy furniture and other objects in the game are cool.  The storline is pretty much ur typical american meets east and everything is the same on most of these stories.

Now onto the controls.  Well this is somthing of  a diference for those who are used to ur regular fps controls.  Well u start with ur remote and this will be ur aiming mechanism.  The nunchuck will be ur moving mechanism.  Now the gameplay, the story revolves around american and tokyo.  You also go through using guns and swords to fight.  The sword fighting techniques are pretty cool, but I feel u should be able to do more moves with ur sword.

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    At best Red Steel is a rental, if only for curiosity's sake. 0

    The protagonist's hand tilts just as you tilt your hand in real space, holding your pistol with dat gangsta grip. Where you wave, your gun aims. You pull the B-button "trigger" on the Wii remote and gunfire erupts on-screen. It all seems so intuitive and natural. But then you try turn to defend yourself against someone coming from your left, and it happens so slowly that it's as if you're in a restrictive neck brace. You try to combat an enemy with your katana blade with graceful, weaving strike...

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