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At best Red Steel is a rental, if only for curiosity's sake. 0

The protagonist's hand tilts just as you tilt your hand in real space, holding your pistol with dat gangsta grip. Where you wave, your gun aims. You pull the B-button "trigger" on the Wii remote and gunfire erupts on-screen. It all seems so intuitive and natural. But then you try turn to defend yourself against someone coming from your left, and it happens so slowly that it's as if you're in a restrictive neck brace. You try to combat an enemy with your katana blade with graceful, weaving strike...

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Good Idea Gone Bad 0

Red Steel was the quintessential tech demo for the Wii. We thought it impossible for Ubisoft to disappoint with such an interesting idea that made full use of the Wii's intuitive controllers. Many, many months later, most people have moved on, but this title still leaves a sour taste in Wii launch victims' collective mouth. In Red Steel, you are Scott, boyfriend of the daughter of a Yakuza ringleader. The story begins with Scott and his girlfriend on the eve of the announcement of their engage...

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My Red Steel Review 0

Well I've been playing Red Steel for about a month and found that Red Steel is an interesting game.  As far the graphics, its par to golden eye for the 64.  The Physics are pretty good and the ability to destroy furniture and other objects in the game are cool.  The storline is pretty much ur typical american meets east and everything is the same on most of these stories.Now onto the controls.  Well this is somthing of  a diference for those who are used to ur regular fps controls.  Well u start...

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Lets Play With Swords 0

Red Steel is a 1st person shooter for the Nntendo Wii. The story here is you are a bodyguard for a japanese crime kingpin daughted which is also your wife. She is kidnapped during a shootout in a Hotel In california. Gameplay is very hard to learn almost impossible You move the wii remote around to look and use the nunchukc to move forward and backwars. Graphics are amazing for the Ninetdo Wii. Sound is very good as well. Ive yet to fin dany problems with it. The charcter dialouge is always new....

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A Sign Of Things To Come 0

 After much waiting and anticipation, I can tell you now that Red Steel is a very fun game and a decent starter's title to add alongside your brand spanking new Nintendo Wii. Ubisoft have done an excellent job in producing the game for the Wii's launch and it plays much like how you would expect it to perform. Red Steel is Ubisoft Paris's answer to a Wii first person shooter and an exclusive Wii title as well. The game has you play as Scott as he prepares to meet the father of Miyu, his f...

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It took alot of failure to make Red Steel bad, but they did it. 1

    I got Red Steel a few days after we got a Wii, so sometime after Christmas. My brother and I were excited to see a shooting game on the Wii, and also wanted to engage each other in sword-fighting duels. In fact, everyone was interested, and had hopes in  the clouds for this game. Unfortunately, the game seemed to have only the bare minimum. All things aside, this game is one or two bugs from being broken.     You play as a Japanese American named Scott, who is called "Scott-san" to my great ...

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Better than I thought really fun to play but sometimes annoying 0

Game play: I have heard that this game is not worth it its a waste of money and I heard that a long time ago before i bought my wii console. But recently I bought it and i tought that redsteel would be a complete disaster but it didnt seem that bad. You are Scott-San from a clan and you're fiancés dad gets killed by a guy name Tokai he wanted the katana-giri a sword that have been passed on generation through generation and that blade got Tokai's attention to get it at all meanings. The story of...

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A game that had a lot fo potentialand then just kind of...died. 0

Red Steel oozed potential, it could have been so awesome, I probably would have pre-ordered it had I owned a Wii at the time. Luckily I didn't, but my friend did, which allowed me to try it out before I spent $50 on it.The graphics are probably the best part of this game. They're solid, and pretty good looking for a Wii title. This will probably remain to be one of the best looking games on the Wii with a focus on realism. Other games that do not focus on realism though, like Super Mario Galaxy ...

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The Future of Shooters? Not Really. 0

Originally written February 2, 2007. Since then we've obviously seen much better shooters on the platform. I haven't made any big adjustments to the text in the review, but I have adjusted my score a little lower than I might have put it back then, and put in some italicized comments..   Easily the second most hyped up Wii launch title behind Twilight Princess was Red Steel. Since its E3 showing it gained an enormous fan base for a new IP that ...

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All hype 0

Red Steel was the game i was most looking forward to for the Wii. It seemed to have all i wanted, first person shooter action and swordplay. This all looks good on paper, but isn't done very well in the game. You begin the story as bodyguard named Scott who is going to marry a yakuza boss' daughter. She gets kidnapped and you go out on your quest to find her. During this quest you will encounter people who will shoot at you and challenge you to duels. I understand the Japanese "honor" going on w...

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