Anyone still playing online?

#1 Posted by SpinCookie (680 posts) -

I just got this game to play co op with my girlfriend and we're having a blast.  I also booted it up online and absolutely love it.  Any giant bombers still playing? 

My PSN ID is Spincookie.

#2 Posted by xboxvista (2 posts) -

im still playing my good friend, PSN ID is xboxvista, yes i know my ps3 id has xbox in it, get over it

#3 Posted by CactusWolf (539 posts) -

Definitely. PSN ID = SVTU1919

#4 Posted by watchtheflames (1 posts) -

I just borrowed this from a friend. I will be playing online hopefully. I'll add you guys. My PSN ID:  watchtheflames

#5 Posted by ThePhenomenal1 (467 posts) -

i just got this on gamefly since my brother bought a ps3 a week ago. not what i really wanted them to see me, but it is a game i've wanted to play for a long time. had my first match a little while ago actually. PSN = TwistedKatana

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