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A man named Jake Westboro, a Blackburn Tobacco Company sales rep, is on his death bed from smoking since he was 15. His only hope is Rex Ronan: Experimental surgeon, who shrinks down to near microscopic size to save Jake. Meanwhile the Blackburn Tobacco company sends in microbots to stop Rex, out of fear that if Jake lives, the world will know the terrible dangers of smoking.


The game plays out as a 2d side scroller. Rex has an energy gun of some kind, which he uses to defeat the Blackburn Robots, and clean tar from the lungs of Jake. The gun shoots in 8 directions. You also have a high and normal kick, and jump. There are also flying tunnel levels that break up the side scrolling stages. While flying you have a gun on the ship which you use to destroy debris in Jakes lungs. You also have to avoid moving walls and go through moving holes.

As an edutainment title, it also quizzes you periodically with what are called smart bombs. When you touch one a statement about the effects of smoking and tobacco will appear at the top of the screen. if the statement is true and you shoot it, the bomb will destroy all enemies on screen. If its false it explodes and hurts you.

As you go through a level you will see plain coloured areas that signify tar, tooth discolouration, and various bad stuff in Jakes body. If you shoot this it will increase your score and can reveal power ups. These power ups include more powerful blasts with your gun, and spray reduction.

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