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No dice, no problem

Well, no dice is a misnomer, because there are virtual dice, but do they stack up to the feeling of real dice? Well, yes and no. Obviously the feeling is gone, to be replaced with a simple button press, but that is not really a bad thing, as the biggest time constraint of the game itself is the repetitive nature of the rolling process. Initially, this process is essentially the same, possibly even longer, but with some clever, sometimes hilarious "battles." However later, after one has finished the short campaign, which is really just a tutorial to prepare oneself for the campaign, all of these cut-scenes have been seen, thus the "fast battle" option becomes much handier, making future battles significantly quicker. To tell you the truth, I was sold on the game once I saw the name Generalissimo Meow. 
 However, I have noticed a couple things that bug with the game, the most bothersome of which is something that I have experienced during online play. On two occasions The game has frozen in between turns, forcing one person to quit the game in order for the others to continue. The other problem with online play involves those people who clearly have no regard for others time or are just plain awful at the game. These people I speak of are those who always use the extended dice animation. It is pointless. Though the "randomness" of the dice may seem a bit off at times, please, for the love of the gods, quick fast battle. Unless I am on a smoke break, in which case, take as much time as you need. Or like, five minutes. But I digress. 
 What it comes down to is this: If you like Risk, you will like this version. Easier to set up, and does not last eight hours. My only suggestion is that if you play online, please click fast battle. 
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