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No Risk involved in this purchase 0

Risk: Factions is a pleasant surprise to most people.   A lot of people, myself included, downloaded the demo expecting the game to be translated to the Xbox Live Arcade in the most generic fashion possible.   This couldn’t be farther from the typical port.   The game features awesome animation, easy to play gameplay, and some of the best times you can have with an XBLA game.   The singleplayer component features both a campaign and custom skirmish games to be played against the game’s A.I.   T...

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The world as ruled by the almighty dice roll. 0

I guess if you were going to update any board game for the console market, it may as well be Risk. It’s not that online renditions of Kerplunk or Hungry Hungry Hippos couldn’t work (actually, they probably wouldn’t), it’s just that Risk is already a game about war and console gamers love games about war many times more than the soldiers actually fighting wars. Thus, the changes that turned Risk into Risk: Factions at least feels like a logical progression. Inversely, a video game adaptation of M...

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Questionable dice rolls ultimatley ruined my fun 0

I was having a great time with RISK: Factions. I really great time, actually. Being able to play with other people on demand is fantastic for a game like risk: where getting a game started in real life is much harder. Also the ability to simulate dice rolls to quicken the game is a great feature. However, I've often found that this simulation is flawed. The fast-battle method does not allow you to stop an attack once you have started, so if you accidentally attacked the wrong territory, or if th...

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No dice, no problem 0

Well, no dice is a misnomer, because there are virtual dice, but do they stack up to the feeling of real dice? Well, yes and no. Obviously the feeling is gone, to be replaced with a simple button press, but that is not really a bad thing, as the biggest time constraint of the game itself is the repetitive nature of the rolling process. Initially, this process is essentially the same, possibly even longer, but with some clever, sometimes hilarious "battles." However later, after one has finished ...

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RISK: Factions is a must-play for fans of the board game. 0

 *As seen in Luchazine #2  Boards games are a perfect fit for XBLA. Anyone who has played RISK in their life knows the game can go on for hours until a  Humans vs. Cats, the ultimate struggle.  victor is declared ruler of the world. Stainless Games injected their own concept of objectives players can race to accomplish, thus making most full games about an hour. This new concept makes RISK an entirely different game, and one I don't really care for. Thankfully, purists can stick ...

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Bust out the Mountain Dew and Lays. Risk is back. 0

     Ever have one of those days when you really wanted to play Risk but no one else does? And when you do find someone to play with they gank Australia and put friendship in question. Those day are over because Risk just rolled it's way onto XBLA.       Risk: Factions keeps all the thing you love about the classic board game and adds some animation to it. Weather you want to play all-out war with five friends or go for the new objective based game Risk: Faction everything you want is there. In ...

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I can't remember multiplayer drama like this... 0

I came back from four colonies. That was the power, the satisfaction of Risk: Factions for me. My friends and I all sitting around the television making deals and working out every possible scenearo only to ultimately have my red robot menace sweep the world.  I should note something I deem important. I had never played any version of Risk before, I'm not some old hat at this game. I tried the demo to see if it would be a fun game to play while listening to podcasts. Next thing I know my housema...

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A Risky Purchase 0

Before the ages of electronic entertainment (video games more specifically) board games were the number one source of social gaming. Monopoly, Snakes and Ladder and Cludo are only a few of the famous table top games that were once common is households.  Of course one of the downsides of these games were that they took ages to set up, ages to play and ages to put away. Then there was the whole element that if certain pieces were lost then the game was unplayable. Transferring board games to vide...

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Another great XBLA board game. 0

Similar to Catan and Carcassone, this is a fun, fast, and frenetic XBLA-to-board-game conversion.  The ease of computer automation makes it possible to play a lot of matches and learn strategy.  The art style is delightful and brightens up the game.  There's a low amount of "campaign" content, but like Catan/Carcassone, it's about playing lots of custom games....

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A surprisingly fine adapation of a classic board game 0

Board games, like movie tie-ins, are just one of those things that often doesn't work in videogames. Risk: Factions, however, the latest adaptation of the classic board game from Electronic Arts, is one of the few exceptions. The reason for that being because it's one of the few to actually make the board game experience entertaining on the console front by removing they're usual arduous nature. It doesn't evolve the game by leaps and bounds of course, but what little iterations it make...

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Quirk and colour added to the classic board game 0

If you’ve ever played a game of Risk, and have fond memories of fiddling with board pieces and making-and-breaking truces over a drawn out skirmish, you wouldn’t think it an ideal candidate for an Xbox Live Arcade conversion. Risk: Factions makes a mockery of that assumption, and repackages the classic war game in a streamlined – but no less enjoyable – package. It’s still Risk, but if you’ve never experienced it before, the goal is to capture territories and defeat your opponent by removing ...

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Risk FACTIONS review 0

Remember that boardgame of world domination where you have to amass units and try to take out your opponents with strategic planning and a slow but steady pace plan of attack? Well there's a new twist on the XBOX Live Arcade. In the game Risk: Factions you'll be given the chance to play a mode that takes slightly less time, well a good chunk less. You'll be able to choose one of five "races" the cats, humans, yetis, zombies, and robots. I would love to say that each has its advantages and disadv...

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Dies that defence that will lead to you dice... or whatever! 0

I like this game. But I also hate it. The online part can take hours with waiting. Also annoying to wait when you know you are loosing, that the odds are few to get a comeback, and then have to wait to fail. But the most annoying part is the defence dice!!! GAH! If anyone gets the defence dies you can just give up... They can´t fail!The SP is funny, and... BUT THAT DEFENCE DICE!!!!...

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