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Improvements make a great game greater

The original Rock Band was one of the highlights of last year, with its inclusion of the Drum and the mic instrauments to create a music game expirence like no other. But as much as we loved Rock Band we could not help to notice its flaws, lack of online world tour, poor bass charts and its lack of real online features. But iam happy to say that these flaws have been fixed and some great new features added. Firstly the setlist has been made up of some cracking songs including classics like the Foo Fighters "Everlong" to the debut of the new G'n'R song Shackler's Revenge, theres really a really good mix for young and old. Navigating these songs has become a lot easier thanks to a make-over of the interface which allows you to view songs by A-Z or Artist etc etc. Then onto the gameplay, at first glance you will not notice any considerble changes to gameplay from the orginal Rock Band, but they are there. There are especially more hammer on's and offs then in its predecessor and overall whats going on behnd your note chart looks better than before. The World Tour is basically what you played in RB1 but has slight diffrences and the added bonus of you being able to play it online with up to 3 of your friends. Another added feature to Rock Band 2 is two drum trainers, the first teaches you how to play diffrent beats at diffrent speeds and the second teaches you how to master those fill sections in a song. These trainers are a good inclusion and really help those who are struggling on drums or just want to learn how to do more complex beats. Now you may be thinking that these features are all well and good but you don't think its worth $60, well remeber that you get over 80 songs on the disc (plus 20 more free downloadable songs) and all of your previous Rock Band DLC that you may have bought, secondly for $10 you can export all of Rock Band 1's setlist to Rock Band 2 which basically means you could end up with 100 plus songs to play. Overall Rock Band 2's improvements well warrent the price to upgrade to it, and if your a first timer to the music game genre its a excellent place to start.


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