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Making his first appearance in Sam & Max Episode 303: They Stole Max's Brain, Sal is a down to earth cockroach who works as a security guard at Monsieur Papierwaite's museum. When meeting Sam for the first time, it is revealed that before working at the museum, he was the cook at Stinky's Diner until Grandpa Stinky fired him.

Loyal to Paperwaite, Sal stands guard in the museum dutifully. He receives orders from his boss via a pair of headphones, until Sam tricks him and switches out his headphones for a set of guided tour headphones. Sam tricks Sal into confronting Skunk-Ape's minion, getting beat up and enraging Paperwaite in the process.

Sal leaves the museum job, opting instead for a safer job hauling crates. Sam and Max discover he's been secretly seeing Stinky (the younger female, not the old and crusty Stinky) after tracking her to a secret cavern full of cloning equipment run by the as-yet unknown Master. The Master enthralls Sal and Stinky to do his bidding. Sam and Max again trick Sal and Stinky, this time into repairing and cleaning a floating central platform. Sal is knocked off the platform into a giant, seemingly endless hole by Stinky. Like any good cockroach though, Sal refuses to stay down.

Sal is next seen during the rage of the giant Max, hiding near an alleyway and running if Sam spots him. Sam spots Sal again on top of the roof with Stinky, and after making the rampaging Max think it's hungry for cockroaches, Max gobbles up Sal, bringing him to Sam. Sam believes Sal would be immune to radiation, and Sal agrees to enter a highly radiated area to enable control over Sam's arms. Sal comes out of the radiated chamber gasping and croaking that he knew he wasn't immune to radiation and that it had just been an urban myth, but he wanted to help protect people. He curls up on the couch and apparently passes away.

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