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Destroy the Crane if you want to Win
The Sarumarine is a heavily armored submarine boss from Star Fox 64 that appears on the planet Zoness. It has plenty of conventional weapons like cannons and depth charges, but it also has a giant spiked ball and chain for some inexplicable reason. Most important is the crane on its backside used to recover health through self-repair.

Since the Sarumarine is invulnerable to lasers for most of the fight, the only way to destroy it is to bomb the crap out of it with gratuitous use of Smart Bombs. Once it loses its snorkels (smokestack shaped pipes), the crane, and both its cannons, it will make one last desperate attack and charge while firing whatever weapons it has left.

Player's Guide Information

According to the Star Fox 64 official Nintendo player's guide, the Sarumarine was initially a deep sea research station before being commandeered by the forces of Andross and converted into a weapon of war. It's responsible for turning the surface of the planet Zoness into a toxic waste dump. Although, none of that is covered in the actual game and the only characterization of the boss is the Sarumarine's unnamed captain spouting a few lines in a stereotypical pirate voice. The captain's dialogue is based around ship commands, giving the order to fire weapons, and gloating after damaging the player.

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