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The Shining Mesa

The Scarlet Desert appears to have once been the site of a large river running to the Twilight Sea, but now it is a wasteland of red rocks and sand that rests in the twilight region of Luclin between the sea and The Grey. The dried up riverbed was once known as the Ripflow River, but now it is inhabited by various sentient plants, lightcrawler insects, and several tribes of alien humanoids known as Tegi. The Tegi come in various types including water, mud, rock, fire, magma; all of which work together for the greater good of the tribe. Each variant is led by one powerful shaman. A passage through the cliffs to the west leads to the airless void of The Grey, while a passage to the east leads back to the more hospitable Twilight Sea. Along the northern cliffs is an all but hidden entrance to Grieg's End, which rests high in the mountains between here and Dawnshroud Peaks. The only water left here is a small oasis in the southeast. The most notable feature of the Scarlet Desert though is a towering plateau in the northeast called the Shining Mesa. Atop this plateau is a tribe of undead sun revenants, believed to be one of Grieg's horrific creations. Only highly skilled adventurers should venture here, for the sun revenants on the Shining Mesa are significantly more powerful than anything else found in the desert.

Neighboring Zones


  • The Bloodtribe
  • The Cral Ligi Clan
  • The Grol Baku Clan
  • The Tro Jeg Clan
  • The Vas Ren Clan


Notable NPCs

  • The Burning Priest
  • Kraen Flameweaver
  • Redanyt Pwinlun
  • Scarlet Cheetah Patriarch
  • Sectoid
  • Sunlord Wedazi

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