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Dawnshroud Peaks

Dawnshroud Peaks is often the place where newcomers to Luclin first see sunlight after emerging from the city of Shadow Haven through the Netherbian Lair. The rolling hills of Dawnshroud are covered in bright green grass and scattered with with swaying trees and an occasional pond of crystal clear water. To the west lies Sanctus Seru, the Inquisitor's fortress. Several groups of citizens have set up camps around Dawnshroud finding trade with the new influx of people quite lucrative. To the east lies The Maiden's Eye, leading into the heart of the Akhevan lands. And to the south lies an entrance to Grieg's End where few ever return.

Many strange creatures roam the hills as well, including giant centipedes known as lightcrawlers, fungus covered mushroom men, and wolves. In a cave system to the northeast, Galorians, a race of red-skinned cavemen, have been evicted from their home by a vicious pack of bipedal reptiles known as rockhoppers. The Galorians offer modest rewards to those who help win their home back. Only then will they once again refer to themselves under their tribal name, the Sambata. In the southwest is a stone building seemingly out of place for this region. It is here that a dwarf named Kanthek Ogrebane has set up shop crafting weapons and armor only a master smith of Kaladim could create. He has forsaken the busy and profitable streets of Shadow Haven, for he has discovered the strength of lightcrawler carapaces. Overall, Dawnshroud Peaks offers a lot for mid-seasoned adventurers.

Neighboring Zones


  • Dawnhoppers
  • The Sambata Tribe
  • Seru Race

Commerce & Tradeskills

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Dexter & Young's Smithing
Thariza's Spirits Brewing


Notable NPCs

  • Age Old Rockhopper
  • Sambata Tribal Advisor
  • Sambata Tribal Keeper
  • Sambata Tribal Leader Garn

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