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The Maiden's Eye

When the various gods and goddesses of the pantheon came to Norrath, making pacts to control territories and creating life, Luclin watched from the shadows. She watched the meetings between the gods and the subsequent bickering and battling, yet she remained silent. Luclin decided to claim one of Norrath's moons for herself. This barren, ringed moon would be named after her, and much like the goddess herself, it remained hidden from view. Luclin enveloped her moon in shadows she called The Veil, which kept its existence unknown by any who lived on the surface of Norrath. It is said that Luclin could only be seen by mortals from the Plane of Sky. On her forgotten satellite, she created various creatures and races of people to inhabit it, most notably the Akheva. Throughout history, various Norrathian races have found their way to Luclin's moon. Astronomers show records of Luclin being visible for short windows of time once every few centuries. Some, such as the Shissar, came to escape extinction. Some, such as the Combine Empire, came to escape persecution. And some, such as the Kerrans, arrived not by choice, but as a result of happenstance as casualties of a civil war between the Erudites.

The first to make their way from Norrath to Luclin were the Shissar, a race of snake people who ruthlessly ruled the continent of Kunark. They were overthrown by their slaves, the Iksar. Rile Sathir and Haggle Baron Dalnir had crafted an ultimate weapon, known as the Greenmist, that proved to be the bane of the Shissar, driving them away in fear. Upon their arrival, the Shissar claimed an area on the light side of the moon called The Grey where, conveniently for the Shissar, air does not exist. They believed this would keep them safe from the Greenmist even if the Iksar somehow managed to reach the moon.

Sanctus Seru

Inexplicably, Luclin decided to let a certain mortal peer through The Veil. This mortal was Lcea Katta, the wife of the Combine Empire's leader Tsaph Katta. Her husband's life was in danger as a result of a dissenting faction within the Combine. The members who remained loyal to Tsaph, joined the legendary geomancer, Grieg Veneficus, on journey to the moon. He was able to use the enormous spires built on each continent to teleport himself and many others to the shadow mistress' world in what would become known as The Exodus. It was immediately obvious that his calculations were off, as the entire party was deposited near the core of the moon, now known as The Nexus. To make matters worse, it was soon discovered that they had no means of travelling back to Norrath.

And then there was the arrival of the Kerrans, later known as the Vah Shir. These cat-like people were blasted here against their will by the great war between the Erudites in which The Hole was created. The Vah Shir rode a massive chunk of Norrathian soil through space, and those that survived the impact had no choice but to begin a new life in the crater on the dark side of Luclin.


The Nexus

During the Age of Turmoil, powerful wizards known as scions rediscovered the means of teleportation that the Combine Empire used to travel to Luclin so many centuries before. Through the use of the great spires found on each continent of Norrath, they were able to translocate anyone who wished to explore the once hidden moon. More importantly, these scions had control over The Nexus within the moon's core allowing travelers to freely teleport back to Norrath; a luxury the Combine Empire did not have. The influx of visitors beginning with the Shissar and up to the adventurers during the Age of Turmoil only angered Luclin and her creations. Of course, this did not halt the advancement of these adventurers as they spread across the moon to uncover its secrets. Their journey would lead them from deep underground beasts to the surviving remnants of the Combine Empire and from battles with the mighty Shissar to the mythical temple devoted to Luclin herself, Vex Thal.


Shadow Haven


Mons Letalis


Vex Thal

EverQuest II

Luclin (after the shattering)

In the year 3711, a catastrophic event known as The Shattering changed the ringed moon and Norrath forever. Luclin's world fell out of orbit and ripped apart. The pieces were propelled outward by the explosion and some were caught by Norrath's gravity and pulled into the atmosphere. The results were catastrophic. Massive chunks of the ringed moon crashed into the lands and seas of the world, causing intense earthquakes and tidal waves and even shattering the tectonic plates beneath the surface of the land. The surface of Norrath was changed forever by this near-apocalyptic event. Much of Antonica was broken into smaller islands, while continents like Faydwer, Kunark, and Velious were moved and lost. Luclin's moon was no more, and thus began the Age of Destiny.

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