Scott Pilgrim still not yet released outside of the US & Europe.

#1 Posted by applet0n (701 posts) -

Right now I'm living in Hong Kong, China and have an Xbox Live subscription here. I've been dying to try out the game 
having been a big fan of the book series, but still haven't seen it hit the HK XBL arcade. Has anyone got any news on this?

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You'd think Ubisoft would get this game worldwide. I know my friend in Brazil has it, weird that Hong Kong doesn't. 
Shit, just realized you said XBL, she has PSN. Sorry :/

#3 Posted by probablytuna (4267 posts) -

Two of my friends here in Perth, Australia have gotten copies of the game on their Xbox 360s. I'm sure it'll be up soon in Hong Kong.

#4 Posted by applet0n (701 posts) -

Well, bollocks. I guess I'll just keep checking back on the store. 
Thanks guys! :)

#5 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

Having an American account doesn't help?

#6 Posted by JessicaBoo (420 posts) -

Isn't it? O_o i know im living in Canada right now, but really? O_o that is some strange shit right there. I've heard of people in America playing it tho? Ok if i were in England i would be as puzzled as you are. But currently i reside in Canadian lands and no home england lands

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