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Gonna Be the Best of Friends
Sector 3, ID code PYR, is an area of the BSL Research Station from Metroid Fusion used to simulate high temperature environments like deserts and volcanic spaces. More importantly, it contains the boiler room, as well as the controls, that maintain proper heating throughout the station. Initially it is free of X Parasite contamination until Samus opens the security lock found in this area to access a data room.
The rouge security robot B.O.X. makes its first appearance here.


Sector 3 is a moderate sized area that is very maze-like due to the number of obstacles set up by the X Parasites and the damage eventually done by the security robot B.O.X. The upper areas of PYR are a desert simulation with heat lamps and zero moisture to be found. The lower area, accessed by a long vertical shaft, are superheated areas filled with lava for specimens that thrive in volcanoes.
The first visit involves exploration of the desert habitats and bypassing X Parasite barriers before running into B.O.X. The security robot quickly retreats after taking damage to appear as a boss much later on in the game. The return trip to Sector 3 is much more critical as the cooling unit for the boiler has suddenly shut down. The melt down would cause an explosion large enough to trigger the station's self-destruct charges. Samus has six minutes to race to the boiler room and return systems to normal.
Stop Blowing Up the BSL, Please
The cause of the boiler room malfunction is a Core-X taking on the form of a scientist in order to manipulate the controls. Defeating the Core-X restores the Wide Beam function.

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