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good but definitely far from great

Everyone knows what's great about this game so let's cut to what sucks about it:
1.  Boss bottles - even on insane they are utterly boring and unimaginative.  Regular guys on insane were more challenging than any boss fight.  I mean come on that stupid boss that rolls along the ceiling? lazy
2.  Several "glitches" or flaws-  if you don't follow the blue line you won't be able to progress.  For instance, the room where you get the best weapon in the game.  If you fly up there will be a guy in a mech suit to your left.  You can shoot at him all day long and he won't respond or die and you can't jump over him.  You HAVE to go from the right.  That's just stupid.  This game is extremely linear.  
What frustrated me the most was when you get to the part where right before you get the suit. They're are three blue barriers with a gold in the middle.  It took me 2 times restarting the game before i realized you just have to crawl under  them.  I was unobservant but that's not the point.  I ended up not even getting the suit and still managed to get rockets and free the  girlfriend.  then i had all the suit parts on my map.  I went for the hook shot.  It wasn't there!  I thought the game was glitched so I restarted twice.  I didn't know you had to have the suit before you got the parts.  The game should let you know that.   
3.  Too many enemies that were pointless - the spider/ crawly thing that actually shot were fine, but the ones that did nothing but take away 2 health for bumping into them - pointless and a waste
Don't get me wrong I love this game but i get sick of a 5 star review when it is FAR from perfect

Posted by JRT_Forever

4. I forgot this - you can use missiles to gain access to yellow barriers but not green barriers. one more dumb thing

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