I'm weeping over here

#1 Posted by Mongoose (218 posts) -

I'm on a site that contains Shaq Fu and Flimbo's Quest.  This is a great day for all of us.

#2 Posted by Frostmane (56 posts) -

Speaking of weeping, I got Shaq Fu one year for Christmas because my parents saw how much I liked Street Fighter and it was basically the worst Christmas present ever. And that's coming from the guy who got an Atari XE instead of an NES.

#3 Posted by EJ902 (62 posts) -

I played Shaq-Fu once and it was a phenomenal game. It was brilliant. It was, I dare say, almost as good as Big Rigs. Almost, but not quite.

#4 Posted by RVonE (4699 posts) -


#5 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

Superman 64 is sssoooo much better than this game

#6 Edited by Mo0 (64 posts) -

Nah man, this game is totally better.

Does it have Shaq in it?

Shaq was a genie, you know.

#7 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

No way SuperMan 64 is better. does Shaq Fu let you fly thou Rings???

#8 Posted by Mo0 (64 posts) -

No, but you throw basketballs at people.

Basketballs that are ON FIRE.

That's totally more awesome than your pansy rings.

#9 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

What about picking up random cars. Does your wonderful Shaq Fu have that? 

#10 Posted by PaperPlain (243 posts) -

Shaq Fu is the greatest game of all time. So much depth.

#11 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

No Way Super Man 64, Big Rigs and and ET are all better.

#12 Posted by Lawliet (28 posts) -

Superman 64 is the best. Just rings and picking up cars, everyone gets too bored to get to any combat, IT'S FRIGGEN AWESOME!

#13 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

^^ so true

#14 Posted by hazelnutman (1097 posts) -

Did they take down that website dedicated to destroying every Shaq Fu cartridge?

#15 Posted by Vyse_Legends (417 posts) -

Hehe Shaq.:P

#16 Posted by AnimeBeast (92 posts) -

Shaq iz teh rox

#17 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

Shaq -  i was trying to remember what this game was called - now i remember - i used to play this a lot, thought it was terrible back then tho :(

#18 Edited by kashif1 (1428 posts) -
hhazelnutman said:

"Did they take down that website dedicated to destroying every Shaq Fu cartridge?

That site sucked anyway there were copies on amazon for 10 cents and that website didn't destroy them. 
#19 Posted by jakob187 (21758 posts) -

Sorry, but Wu-Tang Shaolin Style fucking rapes Shaq Fu!


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