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Like many people, I watched and loved the Persona 4 endurance, and have now decided to try out Persona 3. I am about 10 hours in, and am really enjoying it so far, save for a few annoyances like having no control over the party. I was just wondering, do you get social links for your individual party members in this game. If I remember correctly, by this point in P4, Vinny and Jeff had like level 2 or 3 S-links with all their current party members, and I haven't initiated any in P3. 
PS: I am playing FES, and no I do not have a PSP.

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You get S-Links with the girls, but you need to max out a certain stat depending on which one, and for Mitsuru you also have to be first place on one exam. As for the uys sorry no S-Links. If you had P3P and played as the Female MC you could S-Link with the the whole party.

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OK thanks, that a little disappointing, but whatever. I was half expecting to be disappointed with some aspects of this game because, even though I didn't personally play P4, it feels like i did and anytime you play a sequel first and then go back to prior games in the series, some aspects can feel wanting (I had the same problem with Morrowind after playing Oblivion first) Though, like I said, I am really liking P3 so far and can see myself putting in crazy amounts of time.
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The story in P3 takes much longer to start up than P4, but by the end it get pretty intense, but I pefer P4 myslef. Then again I know a few people who pefer the darker story of P3.

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Do everything Elizabeth tells you to do (at least thats what I should have done in P3P, not sure if that stuff is even in the original game)

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