Looking for P4 character portraits to help make an Android theme.

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Ok, so basically out of the blue I was inspired to put together this android clock inspired by p4 using stuff from takua108's cleaned up rainmeter theme,and my googling has failed me. I'm trying to find the little character portraits that appear in dungeons and battles so I can use them as icons. Can someone help a duder out?

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Yeah I can't find any either.. sorry man, but hope you're still working on this theme. Would love to dress up my Android with it :)

#3 Posted by Zripwud (259 posts) -

Yeah, it looks awesome. Keep working on it, and keep us posted.

#4 Posted by TooWalrus (13323 posts) -

Looks great! if anyone makes a p3 inspired one I'll be all over it.

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You might want to ask the guy that did this version of the rainmeter skin http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/psycosis/persona-4-hud-for-rainmeter/30-56999/

His has the portraits, but they've got the health bar section on there still.

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@Djratchet: Try here :)

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