what level do you guys recommend me be at

#1 Posted by mrfluke (5199 posts) -

im at the 8-bit dungeon  the dungeon right after you rescue rise

im currently at level 35 with levels 37-39 personas how much more do i need to grind or is this a good enough level
#2 Posted by ChrisTaran (1623 posts) -

Should be good enough.  Maybe another level or 2 (or 3) if you want to make things a bit smoother going.  But I'm around there right now and I'm 36, so I think you should be fine.

Of course, it never hurts to be as high level as possible :)

#3 Posted by mrfluke (5199 posts) -

yeh kinda want it to be as easygoing as possible want to do more social linking less dungeon crawling :)

so about 2 or 3 levels  then
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I did the boss fight at 45; so ya you should be good if you clear the levels fully. May want to fuse before the boss.

also you should never really need to grind if you re-clear the dungeon for the "hard" shadows at the end.

#5 Posted by endaround (2146 posts) -

Yeah unlike most JRPGs there really isn't any need to grind as long as you fully explore each dungeon level.  This is different from P3 where you were best off running up levels to get to an  elevator point and then cycling up and down between elevator spots to gain levels.

#6 Posted by Ciffy (215 posts) -

Also, work on Fox's link.  I spent one day in the TV redoing the first 3 or 4 dungeons for money before getting Rise.  After I got out of the TV that day, I had over 200k once I traded in all my stuff to Diadra (metalworks guy).  I cleared every dungeon in one day after that, had enough money to just use a Goho-M, pay fox and start again.  8-bit, lab, heaven and now Inaba are all going down in one day each.

#7 Posted by Bass (692 posts) -

I really don't recall what level I was on, but I know the only grinding I did whatsoever was on Kanji's dungeon because... well damn, that was a tough battle for me. The rest I got through without even blinking really. I have been going back for each dungeon's special boss though, so take that for what you will.

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I was 41 or 42 (don't recall) when I beat it. If all else fails this is where social links come in to create some kick-butt awesome personas.

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I think I was 38 with a Social Linked 43ish Black Frost. Mind Charge + Agidyne did the business.

Especially when he tried to call his 8bit version. The 600 damage MC+Agidyne did knocked him straight out of it into knock down mode.
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I just fought him last night at level 39.  However, I recommend leveling up Yukiko until you get her mediarama because it really, REALLY helps through the boss fight.

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Actually, I relied on Teddie for that battle. Having Mediarama and Energy Shower at the start really helps things.

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32 to 45 and the boss is about 38 to 45.

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Don't grind too much if any just reach the boss floor, go back on previus level and kill some monster 10-20 minute.
You don't really need grind in this game as long you dont skip all the monster or you have bad persona.

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You know, there's probably a point where this type of thread should stop being used. I'd say about a week. ;)
He's probably passed this part long ago.

#15 Posted by zungerman090 (311 posts) -

Get black frost with Agidyne. then u are set. :D

#16 Posted by Clubvodka (417 posts) -
I'm 4 game days away from fighting --- (don't wanna spoil it for other people). I've been grinding in Monad from level 79 to 98 its been a drag. Was almost too unfunny running up Tartarus looking for the access point.
#17 Posted by Fallen189 (5025 posts) -
@Clubvodka said:
" @endaround: I'm 4 game days away from fighting --- (don't wanna spoil it for other people). I've been grinding in Monad from level 79 to 98 its been a drag. Was almost too unfunny running up Tartarus looking for the access point. "
Persona 3 in a P4 thread?


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