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Shining Soul makes the player take the role of a warrior torn between two directly opposing groups: The Dark Dragons and the Shining Fleet. The game lets the wizard choose to pertain to one of four classes: fighter, wizard, archer, or dragonute. The game allows high customization of the character, including weapons, clothing, color schemes, armor etc. The game allows link up play with up to four players, to fight in cooperative combat. The gameplay presents itself as a typical hack-n-slash RPG, with the opbective of collecting gold, clothes, weapons etc. as well as constant hunting for experience points to level up.  The game has a sequel called, simply Shining Soul II, in which the core gameplay remains practically the same but many extra features ($ new classes, collectible cards, arena, side quests etc.) are added.

Classes & skills

Sword - sword power up, charge attack
Axe - axe power up,  charge attack
Spear - spear power up,  charge attack
Def build-up - improves defense
Efficacy - increases recovery power of items
Mentalpower - raises immunity against attacks
Cold res - improves defense against cold
Lightning res - improves defense against thunder 
Blaze - spell that casts balls of fire
Freeze - spell that casts balls of ice
Spark - spell that casts thunderbolts
Hellblast - spell that casts tornado
Inferno - spell that reduces area to ashes
Res - improves resistance against magic
Heal - spell that recovers HP
Slow - Spell that slows down enemies
Bow - bow power up, charge attack
Spear - spear power up, charge attack
Leap - raises weapons' throwing range
Critical - increases chance of critical hit
Healing - HO recovers gradually
Anti-flying - more damage to flying enemies
Fire res - improves defense against flame
Cold res -  imporoves defense against cold

Axe - axe power up, charge attack
Flail - flail power up, charge attack
Brak armor - lowers enemies' defense
Emit - counterattacks with brath
Def build-up - improves defense
Undead - more damage to undead enemies
Fire res - improves defense against flame
Lightning res - improves defense against thunder

Stages & bosses

Area 1
Name: Beast Mountain
Number of levels: 3
Boss: Beast King

 Titan fighter.
 Titan fighter.
Area 2
Name: Labyrinth Death Shadow
Nuumber of levels: 7
Boss: Titan Fighter - a mighty war machine that shoots energy beams out of his eye-like sockets. After the armor is destroyed you fight the ball-formed core that uses rolling attacks.

Area 3
Name: Equal Dungeon
Number of levels: 10
Boss: Bulzam - the first dragon general. Teleports himself around the room and shoots multiple fireballs.

Area 4
Name: Forest of Another World
Number of levels: 10
Boss: Michaela - the second dragon general. Uses her own replicas to attack the hero with ice missiles.

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