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Shining Soul II's  action is placed in the Land of Klantol, where the vision of chaos  threatens peace by spawning cohorts of monsters ravaging the land. To make things worse Camille - the princess of Klantol - is kidnapped. Luckily the thing happens during a tournament announced  by her father - King Marcel - so finding a hero able to rescue her from the forces of evil is quite easy. You are that hero.

The Dark Dragon was defeated, and Light returned to the land. The four heroes hailed for banishing the Darkness. The People were thankful that peace had returned, and the legend of the Hero of Light was passed down. Buta as time passed and people's lives improved, the legend was forgotten. So, too, dod their gratitude fade, and people began to take Light for granted. In a peace filled town, an old man stood preaching a seditious prophecy...   

"Brothers and sisters, look! The crystal is cloudy! According to legend, Darkness was defeated! But, Light will grow out of control, eventually giving rise to Darkness once again. The clouding of the crystal foretells this future. The balance of the world will soon collapse!"

The old prophet continued to speak to the passerby, and his voice rang through the town square. But, those who forgotten about the legend took no heed of the prophet's words. Sadly, at that very moment, the end of peace and prosperity was near. As the prophet had warned, the balance between Darkness and Light has been lost. Light had become too strong, and Darkness stirred again. An alchemist, a servant of Darkness, appeared...His name was Gillespie. Gillespie lured the old prophet to the outskirts of town, shattered the crystal that told of the Darkness and robbed the world of one virtuous man.

As a member of Dark order known as the Chaos Knights, Gillespie had another mission to complete...And so, he traveled to Klantol Castle...He cunningly befriended the knight Deatharte, whom King Marcel trusted above others, and he gave to Deatharte the "Forbidden Fruit." With that accomplished, Gillespie left those lands. Deatharte was suspicious of Gillespie, and so he did not eat the fruit, until one day...when his curiosity got the better of him...and he tasted the "Forbidden Fruit"..


 World map.
 World map.

 Archer character sheet.
 Archer character sheet.
Shining Soul II  is an RPG hack and slash game with a fantasy setting. The game features a wide variety of interesting features such as: 8 different character classes, challenge arena, collectible monster cards, crafting system, charged attack system, 2 difficulty levels, different endings, multiple side quests and a lengthy story that can be played over and over again due to dozens of unique class-specific items to find (each character can equip up to 3 weapons). Just like in almost any other game of the genre when the character levels up it is up to the palyer how to distribute strength, dexterity, intelligence, stamina and skill points. A wise character build is crucial when players want to swiftly move through the quite lengthy campaign that gets gradually touher or try to beat the game at advanced difficulty mode in which monsters get noticeably stronger. The soul items, which can be equipped by every character, may serve as a great aid in defeating stronger enemies. In practice, they are simillar to Final Fantasy's summons. In almost every moment during the campaign the player can transported to the city, where he can change the gear, browse through his card collection, talk to the NPCs in order to find side quests, fight in the arena for prizes etc. The game also features a multiplayer mode.

Character classes & skills

There are 8 basic character classes in the game varying in appearance (with additional color scheme customization for every class), skills and equipment they can use. Here's how they appar on the character selection screen: 
 Character select.
 Character select.
Archer - long-range attack expert.   
Bow - bow power up & charge ATK
Spear - spear power up & charge ATK
Range - increases throwing range
Enchant - makes an enemy an ally
Anti-flying - damage to flying enemies up
Summon - summons a forest creature
Critical - increases critical hit rate
Healing - HP recovers over time
Brawler - strong and dexterous, but has somewhat low defense.  
Claws - claws power up & charge ATK
Knife - knife power up & charge ATK
Evade - increases evasion rate
Critical - increases critical hit rate
Counter - counter with a kick
Guts - stronger with lower HP
Stun - stuns enemies
Healing - HP recovers over time
Dark Wizard - half vampire, half human. Uses Dark spells.  
Rod - rod power up & charge ATK
Demon Breath - spell: Darkness attack
Venom - spell: Poison explosion
Darkness - spell: Ring of Darkness
Morph - spell: Change ionto monster
Dagger Dance - spell: Summon sword
Drain - spell: Absorb HP
Meditate - speeds up HP recovery
Dragonute - crushes enemies with powerful blows. 
Axe - axe power up & charge ATK
Flail - flail power up & charge ATK
Shield- shield power up & parry
Armor Up - equipment defense up
Brak Armor - lowers enemy's defense
Breath - counters with breath attack
Weaken - weakens nearby enemies
Magic Resisitance - increases resistance
Ninja - tricks masters with quick movements very fast.  
Sword - sword power up & charge ATK
Knife - knife power up & charge ATK
Critical - increases critical hit rate
Debris - spell: Falling object
Shadow - spell: Paralyse monster
Speed - spell: Increases speed
Replace - block attack with wood
Ansatsu - increases damage from behind
Priest - helpful and brave. Uses healing and support magic. 
Rod - rod power up & charge ATK
Flail - flail power up & charge ATK
Heal - spell: Healing
Protect - defense up
Resist - resistance up
Bless - stats up
Shining - spell: Shield of Light
Meditate - speeds up MP recovery  
Warrior - expert at close range combat. Well ballanced.
Sword - sword power up & charge ATK
Axe - axe power up & charge ATK
Spear - spear power up & charge ATK
Shield- shield power up & parry
Armor Up - equipment defense up
Efficacy - increases item effectiveness
Counter - powerful counterattack
Tactics - ATK up 
Wizard - expert at spell attacks. Uses a variety of spells.
Rod - rod power up & charge ATK
Blaze - spell: Fire attack
Freeze - spell: Ice attack
Spark - spell: Lightning attack
Blast - spell: Cyclone attack
Inferno - spell: Scorching attack
Magic Shield - defense up
Meditate - speeds up MP recovery
After succesully completing the game  another variation of Dark Wizard becomes available as a playable class.
Dark Wizard - looks vaguely familiar, but little is known about him (he actually uses the sprite of Gilespie).


 Goblin Fort:
- Captain Gully
- Colonel Gobovich
Giant's Graveyard
- Grove Giant
Wizari's Palace:
- Wizari
Fairy Spring:
- Clione
Robert's Pirate Ship:
- Captain Robert
- Giant Squid
Driazhek Desert:
- Giant Worm
- General Oswald
Koldazhek Cave:
- Yeti king
- Vaitali
Demon's Tower:
- Clone (of palyer's class)
- Dark Angel
Hottazhek Volcano:
- Gillespie x2
- Holy Guardian of Fire
Chaos Castle:
- Gillespie
- Deatharte
Chaos' Domain:
- Chaos

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