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Shu Nakajima is also known as "Tutored Student". His social link is one of the few links that require a specific status requirement, in this regard being "Understanding". When this is maxed, the Main Character can then take the job at nighttime on specific days. Shu represents the Tower Arcana.

Social Link

When the main character first meets Shu, he is greeted with what seems like resentment from him. The boys mother is extremely proud of him, and is consistently striving for him to be number one in his class. This pressure is obvious and Shu begins to open up to the main character over the social link regarding this. Partway through, a new student enters his class, who is naturally gifted in sports and academics. To combat this, Shu cheats on his next test, but gets caught and suspended from school.

Shu's mother seems to be a big part of the social link, despite not being explicitly involved. She thinks that if he can get through his schooling, he can get into "Tokyo University" and be "Set for life"

His mother is initially angry about his suspension, but soon finds out that he only did it because he loved her and wanted to live up to her expectations. Because of this, she tells him that he doesn't need to just try to live up to her expectations, and do what he feels is right. At the end of the Social link, in a unique social link interaction, the entire playable cast comes over and has a birthday party with him, resulting in comedic effect.

At the end of the link, Shu gives the Main character the "Test paper", which allows the fusion of Shiva, the ultimate form of the Tower arcana. 
The Tower Arcana

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