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Probably the best turn based strategy game ever created. You won't know the true meaning of game addiction until you've come across the "Red Button", the most sadistic game feature ever created. Damn you Sid Meyer. Damn you for making me lose dozens upon dozens of hours that should have been used for my precious beauty sleep *shakes fist*......

*cough*... anyway. This game lets you play as a world leader, guiding your civilization through thousand of years from the most primitive eras to the futuristic days of 2050 and beyond.
Every world leader in the game is a Real person taken from different times in history. Depending on which role you want to play as you get different bonuses that help you out, especially in the beginning of the game.
You will probably spend most time on the random maps which you can customize to your liking. You can decide to play against more than 6 opponents and a world-wide map or have a quick duel with only one opponent on a small plain.
There are also a couple of scenarios that are built around real historical events if or when you're looking for something different.

No matter how you decide to play this game I can promise you up to a hundred hours of addictive gameplay (one big game could easily take you 5 hours) and sadly a couple of sleep-less nights. Cause it's impossible to go to bed when you're 3 turns away from enabling nukes and then you can show those bullies from the Chinese Empire who's the REAL boss.

To round things up, a great turn based strategy game that's very complex and still easy to learn, the only game that lets you have this much fun while learning the names of historical figures.


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