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Siesta 410 is a member of the Siesta Sister Corps of Pendragon's Memorial Troops. She tends to be crude and easy-going in her mannerisms compared to most of the other Furniture in the series and often teases those around her, particularly the more serious-minded Siesta 45 and Lucifer of Pride. As a Furniture in contract with the Golden Witch, her main role in the series is to be summoned and carry out a series of murders requires by the Witch's Epitaph. She primarily fights by linking up with Siesta 45, allowing the two to scan and calculate the trajectory of a magical arrow fired from a bow that can follow a target through corners and keyholes until her target is killed. Aside from being a matchless sharpshooter, she also excels at close-quarters fighting.

She makes her first appearance in Banquet of the Golden Witch where she's summoned alongside with Siesta 45 by Eva-Beatrice after Leviathan and Belphegor are slain when trying to carry out the murders required by the Golden Witch to replace the fallen Furniture. This is considered a great feat that not even Beatrice could match at the time, though the Siesta Sister Corps are frequently relied upon to do the bidding of the the witches in the subsequent episodes of the series such as Alliance of the Golden Witch and End of the Golden Witch.

Besides her role in the visual novels in the series, she also appears as a selectable fighter in the Ougon Musou Kyoku fighting games.


  • It's speculated that Siesta 410, and the rest of her sisters, were originally created by Maria Ushiromiya from her toy bunnies after she started to practice magic, just like Sakutaro was.
  • She's named after the .410 shotgun round.

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