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Smashing Drive ia action/racing game. Released in arcades in 2000 and 2002 on the Gamecube, Xbox, and GBA. Smashing Drive was developed by Gaelco and Point Of View. It was published by Namco and Zoo Digital Publishing.


Smashing Drive consists of you driving a taxi cab around NYC to gain cash, you race of against another insane taxi driver. This is done in a choice of 4 different difficulty records which containf 3 different levels. If you manage to complete certain levels you will be granted a bonus race were in which you can only race through on the risky routes. This is all decided on your point total at the end of each race where your pointsare accumelated through how many Turbo Powerups obtained, number of risky routes, condition of the cab and if you have beateb your rival over the finish line.

Below are the different levels and difficulties

  • Early Bird Shift (Easy)
  • Brooklyn
  • Wall Street

Little Italy

  • Rush Hour Shift (Normal)
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Music City Hall

West Central Park

  • Night Owl Shift (Hard)
  • Sea and Air Museum
  • 5th Ave. to 34th St.

Times Square

  • Dusk & Wired Shift (Reward)

Statue of Liberty

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