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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 5

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PC Version)           Developer: City Interactive Publisher: City Interactive Systems: XBOX 360, PC Genre: FPS Rating: Mature Score: 5/10 Recommendation: Rental Pros: + Weapon sounds are great + Patience and timing are required during sniping, adding enjoyable realism + Beautiful environments Cons: - Constantly get stuck on objects, (rocks, stairs, small slopes, etc.)   resulting in having to stand or jump, alerting the enemy - Friendly A.I. movements and shooting techniq...

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A Budget Game Which Is Great If Played Right 2

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, is a budget title, at only £30, and although it does contain some quality, its budget roots do show through. The game has a thoroughly entertaining single player, if at times frustrating and glitchy, and a multiplayer component that feels a little lacking. The focal point of the game, and that which the developers obviously spent most time with, is the main campaign. Spanning 8-10 hours in 16 different missions, the campaign isn’t short by today’s standards (at least in co...

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ehh 0

I had high expectations for this game. Even though it was an "Under the radar" game I still had high hopes. But once recieving this game i was immediatly dissapointed. The Campaighn was a pushover untill reaching mission 10. That mission was entirely two hard and gave me the urge to break this game. The graphics where mediocre but the gameply was descent. Online mode was to limited with little customization and gameplay with only two game types (Deathmatch & Team Death match). Overall I have...

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