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Broken, rushed, and just not very fun. 5

Before we begin about the subject at hand, it would probably be a good idea to give you a little background information about me as a person; it's essential to alleviating my own guilt. I'm a Sonic fan; something in 1991 truly captivated me and it's been hard to shake since then. To me, Sonic games are serious business - and yes, I’ve made a couple of bad purchases because there was a blue hedgehog on the box. When Sega began sounding the trumpets for Sonic's 15th Anniversary, I was hopeful: Wit...

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How the Mighty Have Fallen 0

There's a generation of gamers now that are old enough to fondly remember the Sonic the Hedgehog games. This generation may have picked up one of the Genesis games as among the first games they ever owned, if not *the* first games they owned. It had a simple formula, and offered a unique platformer that gave Sega its answer to Mario. To say that time has not been kind to Sonic is like saying it's a bad idea to wear a heavy coat in ninety degree weather. Sonic's games have been on a s...

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Too Fast Too Furious 0

Oh Sonic the Hedgehog, you were so fantastic back in the olden days when you and Mario fought over supreme rule in the minds of platform lovers. Back when you were more about speed than you were about saving the world, or even defeating Dr. Robotnik. But ever since your second installment things have seemingly gotten staler and staler, like 10 years of old lay's potato chips. Ever since Sonic has emerged onto the  3D video game scene back in his Dreamcast days things have been fairly mediocre if...

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This game was made by Drunk people! 0

   Everyone knows Sonic the hedgehog, a sega icon. This time he returns in his Xbox 360 debut. Now does this game meet standards to be atleast ok or does it just plain suck.              Positive: Good feeling of speed             Negitive Terrible level designA lot of loading screens (atleast 4 within 1 minute of a cutscene)Bad texture loadingNasty gameplayBad controlsStupid conceptHorrible storylineCombat sucksMassive amount of glitchesHigh level of FrustrationBad writingTerrible character mod...

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eew 0

Let's not beat around the bush. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most broken, stomach-churning games I have ever had the displeasure of playing. This is a game that I literally got a stomach ache from playing. It's pointless, and it gives Sonic a really bad name. Yes, even a worse of a name then what Shadow the Hedgehog brought to the table.  I love Sonic. Don't get the idea that I'm a Mario fanboy (well, actually I am) that's just trolling. This game is bad. And the opening cutscene brings such...

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Tails Is Dangerously Retarded 0

So anyways this is my first review, so I decided to review one of the worst games I have ever played... Sonic the Hedgehog for the PS3. So I know this game is old but I just got it a couple months ago because it was 10 bucks so I thought "eh why the hell not?" so boy was i wrong, I paid at least $15 too much for it, I should have been paid to play it, terrible game. I couldn't get past the first level and not because it was hard, but because it had some of the shittiest controls ever. My biggest...

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A Sub-Par Reboot To The Sonic Series 0

 Sonic The Hedgehog on 360 is the first Sonic game to be released on the current generation of video game systems. This time you play as three different hedgehogs, Sonic, Shadow and Silver, all with their own scenarios and stories as they battle Dr Robotnick and new enemies to save The Kingdom Of Soleana and Princess Elise. Sounds a lot similar to a certain OTHER platformer to me… Lets get things straight however, Sonic The Hedgehog on Xbox 360 is a complete disappointment. The reason for...

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I'm a Sucker Sometimes 0

It's gotten to the point where I shed a single tear every time a new 3D Sonic game is announced. Just like the commercial - it's the single piece of trash thrown from the car, I'm the Native American up on the hill. The original franchise had spunk, great graphics, clever level design; the games were a true pleasure to play. On the other hand 3D has not been kind: Sonic Adventure (and its sequel) on the Dreamcast treated gamers to a sudden and serious case of franchise erectile dysfunction. Soni...

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