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HUGE Collection

For $30, I think it would be ridiculous to pass on this. Sure, there is an extremely small chance that you'll enjoy every game, but there are a ton of solid games on this disc. Its terrible that they did not allow Sonic & Knuckles to connect with the other Sonic titles, but that is a minor complaint. I play on a CRT television, so the lack of "enhanced HD graphics" doesn't make much of a difference in my situation. However, my friend also bought this game, and there is nothing enhanced about the graphics on his HDTV. So, if you're looking for updated graphics and a load of interesting extras, you may want to reconsider your purchase, but if you're looking for a solid collection of Genesis games and beyond, this is great. On a side note, getting 1000/1000 achievements is generally easy with the exception of Mean Bean Machine.

Posted by JonathanMoore

Nice Review man, well done.

-- God Bless.

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    To be blunt, this collection is not worth £30. Hell, it's not even worth £1.This collection is a waste of opportunity wrapped up in Blackbone's now staple "Bukake-o-vision" ("Scale", as they laughingly advertise it) , a User Front end that looked at all the screen space HD offered and went "No, Sod that, we're making this as if the player was playing it on a protable B&W TV", an inability to use custom soundtracks (As a side, is it really that hard to isolate the SFX in Megadrive emulation, ...

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    I love the Sega Megadrive. I even go as far to say its my favourite game console of all time. However, it is this love that hinders my enjoyment of the Ultimate Sega Megadrive Collection.Firstly- I'm British. Its the Megadrive. OK? Good.While I do not usually waste money on games I can get from- other methods- seeing the inclusion of some of my all time favourite games in this persuaded me to get this latest collection. While this is a excellent collection, it is bogged down by a series of incre...

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