Luke Cage Glitch

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I have recently discovered a fun Luke Cage glitch. Now, remember the mission where he teaches you to web-strike? If you did a new game+{look on Cheats-Secrets page}, when it says press Y again, press X, then press, Y, then X. As long as you don't do a web-strike and fail or do the web-strike he wants, you can beat up on him as long as you like. I managed to get a 116 hit combo and got him to the sea. If you stop on the ground{as in, stop after hitting Luke with a web-strike}, you can beat him up with normal ground attacks. He'll hit back with strong attacks and decrease your health pretty low, but you cannot die. This glitch is great for Luke Cage haters and for letting out anger.

#2 Posted by Jedted (2462 posts) -

That's cool, i never tried that on Luke Cage before.  There's another glitch like that if your beat Sym Wolverine before he uses the hive to get his armor, after the battle the hive is still there and it's invincible.

It's a great way to get that 250 hit combo if your feelin lazy.

#3 Posted by videogameman (43 posts) -

I never tried that. Good glitch. Another is during the prision break mission. Rhino might crash into a wall corner and you can't get him out. But if you attack him, you can get 999 combo in a minute or so.

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