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Splatoon is a third-person shooter/platformer developed by Nintendo EAD for Wii U released on May 29, 2015.

The game has players controlling "Inklings", sentient squids who can transform into a humanoid kid form and shoot colored ink from their weapon at enemies and both vertical and horizontal surfaces which they can then swim through in squid form to recharge their weapons and get around faster.

Along with a single-player campaign that plays like a shooter/platformer hybrid with a hub world and various wholly unique levels and bosses to encounter, there is also a local two-player competitive mode, and the game big focus: various 4-on-4 online multiplayer modes, including Turf War (a territorial control mode where the team with the most inked surfaces wins) and Splat Zones (a King of the Hill mode where teams control dedicated zones by covering them in ink).

Following a Nintendo Direct dedicated to Splatoon, Nintendo released a public pre-release client, called "Splatoon Global Testfire", in which players worldwide could play Turf War during three one-hour periods (May 8 between 8-9:00 PM PT., May 9 between 4-5:00 AM PT., and May 9 between 12-1:00 PM PT.). A second round of just one hour was set for May 23 from 3-4 PM PT.



Players are equipped with various ink-spraying guns to coat the environment in their team color and also take down enemy players. Players can also transform into squids and swim through pools of their own team's ink. This squid mechanic can be used to quickly traverse the map or hide from the enemy players. When running through a pool of opposing-color ink, the player's movement is impeded. Players can spray walls with ink in order to scale them in squid form, but inked walls do not count toward territory control percentage, which is based entirely on ground/floor surface coverage. Additionally, there are some surfaces that cannot be covered in ink.

The Wii U GamePad is used as a tactical overview displaying a view of the map and the respective coverage of ink during the match. It can also be used to select fellow team members and fast-travel directly to their location as a squid when at their own team's spawn point.

The game can be played with or without gyroscope assistance to aim. When active, the player can tilt the GamePad to augment the analogue stick aiming.


Octo Valley

Splatoon's single-player campaign pits the player's squid character against an army of evil Octolings and Octarians.


Battle Dojo

Battle Dojo is a local 1v1 mode in which players compete via Two-Screen Multiplayer to try and shoot the most balloons. When a player is taken out, they lose half their points. In the closing moments of each match, the point values are doubled.

Regular Battles

Turf War

Turf War is a 4v4 online mode in which the goal is to cover the most territory with the team's respective ink color. Taking out enemy players does not factor into determining which side wins.

Ranked Battles

Splat Zones

In Splat Zones, two teams face off against each other and have to control a dedicated zone on a map by covering it with their team's ink. This mode is only accessible once a player reaches Level 10. The mode itself will be made available for free after launch when a sufficient amount of players have reached Level 10.

Tower Control

Comparable to the Payload mode from Team Fortress 2, Tower Control features a tower in the center of the map which can be taken over by a team and then starts moving in a predetermined path across the map to a goal. One of the controlling team's players will have to remain on top of the tower in order for it to keep moving while the rest of the team has to defend it. This mode will release via a free post-launch update.


Details TBA, releases post-launch via a free update.

Amiibo Support

Splatoon amiibo (top) and the outfits they unlock (bottom).

To coincide with the release of the game, Nintendo put out a series of three amiibo figures specifically made for the game: an Inkling Girl, an Inkling Boy, and an Inkling Squid. In North America, the Inkling Squid can only be obtained through a three pack that comes with the other two while in Europe, the Inkling Squid is only available with the game's Special Edition. In Japan and Australia, the Inkling Squid is also sold separately.

When one of the Splatoon amiibo is activated, the figure will appear in Inktropolis (inside of a giant amiibo box) and give the player a series of 20 challenge levels each. Once these challenges are completed, the player is rewarded with a special outfit for multiplayer as well as additional minigames that can be played while waiting in online matchmaking (or at anytime at the Inktropolis arcade machine).

Unlock Overview

Inkling Girl

  • 20 Splat Charger Challenges in Octo Valley
    • Challenge Reward: Schoolgirl Outfit
    • Challenge Reward: Squidball Minigame

Inkling Boy

  • 20 Roller Challenges in Octo Valley
    • Challenge Reward: Samurai Outfit
    • Challenge Reward: Squid Racer Minigame

Inkling Squid

  • 10 Kraken Challenges in Octo Valley
  • 10 Limited Ink Challenges in Octo Valley
    • Challenge Reward: Cyber Outfit
    • Challenge Reward: Squid Beats Minigame

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