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Incredible But Unbalanced: A Split Personality 12

Split/Second advertises itself as racing amped up with insane explosions. That's quite accurate, as the game is full of incredible driver-activated destruction wrapped up in a brilliant reality TV-inspired package. Beyond the huge explosions and exciting action, however, lies an unbalanced and occasionally frustrating experience that's all too reminiscent of other arcade racers, with annoying AI and questionable driving and gameplay mechanics that temper the explosive excitement. When Split/Seco...

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Give me fuel, give me fire 0

 Expect to see plenty of this When you think of a Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay production, you think of big-budget, high gloss, action sequences with fast cars, multiple explosions and plenty of hair-raising moments. Vehicles are engulfed in flames left, right and centre, flipping into the air and careening out of control; buildings collapse upon the streets, shop windows are blown out, helicopters swoop down across the road and city centres are completely and utterly demolished...

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I'm not a huge racing game guy. The last game that revolved around racing cars that I enjoyed was Burnout: Paradise, and that game kind of whispered to me, "You like arcade racing games." And though a shiver went down my spine, I knew the game was right. A lot of hardcore racers prefer their Gran Turismos and their Forza Motorsport 3s, but I like to watch my opponents literally break in half because of my evil doings. However, like most other games, Burnout came with flaws. The biggest one was t...

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The Power to Move Earth and Steel 1

                  When you play Spit/Second you will feel like God himself, reaching down and affecting the race in epic and memorable ways.   Causing helicopters to crash or triggering natural disasters to rain down on your opponents will make you feel like superman.   Split/Second allows you to trigger all of these events but also puts such a variety of events in the game that you will continuously be surprised by the variety.   This helps with the replayability of Split/Second and will keep ...

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A little disappointing 0

 Out in close proximity to Blur, Split Second was the OTHER hot racing game released in the 2nd quarter of the year. The gimmick in Split Second is that you are on a TV show where you have to race through a few tracks and do battle with your opponents...except you cannot directly attack them. What you CAN do, however, is have the track itself attack your opponents. Construction equipment flies out of control. Parts of the course fall apart. Buildings blow up. And, occasionally, shortcuts ...

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Great game, tiny issues. 0

Split?Second is a very original racer indead. Pros: The cars look good and handle well for the most part and come in a variety of "flavors". At first I thought that the power plays were a gimmick. Soon after playing I found the power plays worked well and were infact not gimmicky. The explosive and fiery power plays, shortcuts, and route changers are awesome! The different game modes like Air Revenge (where the player evades missles and gains points which ultimately can be used to fires missles ...

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Split/Second Review (Xbox 360)- Warpzone Review 0

 I’m never one to get too excited for a racing game. To me, all of them are the same. You start with a below average car, win some races, and make the car better. For a racer to grab my attention, it has to have some unique gimmick that others just don’t have. Split/Second is that type of racer.    Split/Second offers racers the chance to bring the environment into play. After filling your power play meter by performing drifts around corners, or drafts from following your opponents closely, you ...

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Good Not Great 0

My first reaction to Split Second was how nicely everything exploded and fell apart, until I realized that the power plays were actually quite annoying. Now that could be the very point of the game's main mechanic, in which that case it succeeds, but when it comes down to it the whole "screw your opponents over" sort of ruins the actual racing aspect. The game is fun; don't get me wrong, but I found myself more aggravated than anything else while playing. I'm not usually a hot-tempered kind of g...

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Game Review: Split/Second 0

Racing games come explicitly in two forms, simulation racers and arcade racers. I myself enjoy both styles but my play type tends to make me more successful at arcade racers and thus I was anticipating Black Rock Studio's latest effort, Split/Second. While demoing the game pre-release Black Rock explained the concept of the game to me as being Burnout but in reverse. Once I got the nightmarish idea of a slow moving Burnout game out of my head and actually got my hands on the game though I qui...

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Explosions minus replayability 0

Split/Second, with the added subtitle of "Velocity" for the EU regions for whatever reason, is the latest racing game from Black Rock Studios who bought us the fantastic Pure a couple of years ago. It lives up to its pedigree but is over way too fast and doesn't have much of a reason to come back.   Split/Second is mostly a Kart racer with real cars, similar to the recently released Blur, but the difference with this game is that instead of weapons being fired from your vehicles you make the env...

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A brilliant arcade racer that gives Burnout a run for it's money. 0

I went into Split/Second after playing the demo many, many times, and I was very impressed. The graphics, sense of speed, sound, all top notch. Split/Second was developed by Black Rock Studio based in Brighton, UK, and they have, by making this game, almost made a rivalry with Criterion, who are based not too far away in the UK, the creators of the Burnout series. I for one think that this time however, Black Rock have made th e better game. Burnout Paradise to me seemed too overwhelming, and th...

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Explosions a plenty but Split/Second just misses the finish line 0

Lets just cut to the chase.  Split/ Second looks good on paper with the idea of having cars blowing shit up constantly destroying the track and the cars on it is great.  BUT the sensation of ACTUAL SPEED, unbalanced AI and dissatisfaction with the way explosions have (in terms of effects on the cars) really put a downer on what I was hopeing was going to be my goto racing game for the next 6 months.    Dont get me wrong Split/ Second is def worth a test drive if you can find it cheap 2nd hand bu...

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Don't panic! 0

There are very few games that genuinely make you feel panicked or tense, but Split/Second is certainly one of them. Essentially a kart-racer, Split/Second's unique gameplay has the actual track and environment providing the weapons: you can detonate the various track objects and scenery in order to slow or crash your opponents. These "power plays" are earned by drafting, drifting or successfully dodging attacks on you. The risk-vs-reward mechanism is brilliantly implemented and makes for some ex...

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It takes more than that! 0

          There are racing games that you can’t put down and then there are racing games that you want to put down right away.  Split Second lands somewhere in between the two.  If I weren’t writing a review for this game and a little bit of an achievement whore I would have stopped playing Split Second after the the first time I “accidentally” hit some little piece of geometry that is invisible when your going over hundred miles an hour down a straight.        Before I get down on Split Sec...

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Good ol Fashioned Fun 0

So I really don't play too many racing games. I tend towards large over-serious single player epics (often to my own dismay).  Split/Second is just fun, and I have to admit, reminded me what the hell a videogame is.  After attempting to enjoy Dragon Age and Slogging my way through a bevy of Bro Shooters; this game was like theropy for me.  Now, I could attempt to put this in a more acedemic fashion, but I really don't think there's a way: I like explosions. Specifically, I like what explosions d...

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Forever Second 0

For the first game ever fronted by Disney that I have ever played, I’m presently surprised. It’s not what I anticipated at all. If I am perfectly honest I was expecting a breeze of a game with some cool special effects to the likeness of a destructible environment Burnout kind of game.On one hand you are met with the old school style of burnout by witnessing your rivals smash against each other while you build meter for your next construct of destruction to come crashing down on their unsuspecti...

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Explosive and exhilirating 0

  Like a Michael Bay production with added vehicular destruction, or a pyrotechnics wet dream, Split/Second:Velocity pulls no punches in following the crowd with simple arcade racing fare. Instead, the race for the chequered (yet slightly singed) flag will come from negotiating your way around the fully destructible tracks on offer, where towers crumble to the floor in an explosive heap of concrete, where aircraft land precariously over the race track and whole raceways fall under the w...

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An explosive racing experience. 0

I guess I'm making this review a little late, though I guess if you're like me, you love to (nowadays) buy some really awesome PS3 games at a GameStop for a really cheap price. Specially arcade racers like this. A Little OverviewSplit/Second is an arcade racing game made by Disney Interactive Studios and Blackrock Studios in which its story is a one season fake TV show (obviously titled Split Second), and this season is divided into episodes. Each episode contains different challenges that you n...

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Split/Second Review 0

By - Craig H.Triggering commercial airline crashes, blowing up train bridges and toppling buildings are not typically events that are used to describe a racing game but Split/Second aims to add a new layer to a stagnant gaming genre. Disney and Blackrock Studios give players the ability to control catastrophic events to help position themselves at the top of the podium.Split/Second is structured around a pulse pounding action show made up of 12 episodes. After all 12 episodes are complete the ra...

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Amazing! 0

It Is Basiclally The Opposite Of The Burnout Franchise!  Instead Of Bashing your Opponents Into The Environment... Let The Environment Do It For You!   It Is Easily Worth The Money (Just For The Sleek Gameplay)  *****...

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Exactly worth the two-day rental price I paid 0

Split/Second got old fast. I wasn't even done with the tutorial before I felt done with the game. Here's why: I just want to watch the game, not play it. The developers must have felt the need to add some depth to the superficial concept of the game, that being: drive your car as fast as you can through an amazing, crazy, exploding urban environment. But the depth of the game is what ruins it. Instead of watching the environment disintegrate around me, which is the best and most interesting part...

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