juster25's Splosion Man (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Classic, simple, fun.... and not to mention cheap.

Splosion Man has to be one of the better games this summer that has been release on XBLA. Simply put, the appeal of this game, as well as the success, come from the simple and fun game play. Splosion Man, is not a pretentious game that bogs gamers down in complex game play and controls or a confusing storyline. It is quite simply a 2D side scrolling platform game.
...But, to call this game simple, by no means implies that Splosion Man is easy. After the few sets of levels, the games slowly becomes more difficult and introduces more variables into game play that allows for a more dynamic gaming experince.
One of the best features of Splosion Man, besides how well it plays, is the sense of humor and quirky animation the developers have incorporated into this game. Humor can be a difficult feeling or experience to convey in a video game. Twisted Pixel, was able to incorporate humor into Splosion Man in a manner that does not feel campy or forced down one's throat. Much like many other features of this game, the humor was simple and to the point.
Splosion Man offers many rewarding features and offers a video game experience is fun to play either solo or with a friend. Like anything in life, the formula to success is "Sometimes the  less, is more".


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