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In the 1980s, Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy made an appearance in video games.

20 years later, Spy vs. Spy was back in a Playstation 2 reboot. The game offered a story mode, which consisted of a number of scenarios, a multiplayer mode which allowed four players to fight against each other in a number of modes on one of the levels from the story mode and a third mode was available after you beat the game which was called Classic/Modern mode.

Story mode

The game offers a story mode which features the white spy chasing the black spy around a number of levels in an attempt to stop his evil plans. To do this, he has a number of methods available to him in the shape of various weapons, ranging from a club and a chainsaw to dynamite and shotguns, as well as a number of wacky weapons. Playing through the story mode unlocks the multiplayer, classic and modern modes.


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Up to four players can go against each other in the usual modes; Deathmatch, last man standing and capture the flag modes which can be played split-screen. In addition, you can play the modern and classic modes in multiplayer.

Classic/Modern mode

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Back to Basics

Classic mode lets you play in the original format without any of the new weapons or power ups. Modern mode lets you play with the new weapons and power ups. The aim is to collect 4 special items which will allow you to escape the mission. The players must race to get these items and then break into their oppositions safe to steal the items the other spy has collected. Players can set up traps, use weapons, and use environmental hazards in their favour against the opposition to slow down and hider him and allow you some extra time to get into the oppositions base. Once one player has got all 4 items, he can escape the level and win the match.

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