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#101 Posted by Terry_Towelling (15 posts) -

All of these are fantastic! 

#102 Posted by Rox360 (1090 posts) -
@GreyColor said:
" @Nomin said:

They are all hilarious, and the use of 3d programs on some of them no doubt means toil above and beyond for the contest. Well done, now enjoy the game!

The 3d images should have been disqualified since the contest clearly stated to use "photoshop". "
Actually, the rules stated that you should "Photoshop an image", which in this day and age basically means "make an image (but don't necessarily draw one from scratch, editing is fine too if you're not an artist)". I'll bet a lot of the people who genuinely did edit their images together using various sources did not, in fact, do so with Photoshop. Another almost equally popular 'shopping alternative is Gimp, and Gimp is not Photoshop! Besides, even the 3D ones lean very heavily on using textures or assets from screenshots, so there's still a lot of "photoshopping" in there.
Anyway, fantastic stuff. I considered entering, but none of my ideas were even close to these masterpieces, so I'm kinda glad I didn't. Well done, everyone!
#103 Posted by sharma55 (457 posts) -

Didn't win but didn't have high hopes either, congrats to whoever won, enjoy Stacking!

#104 Posted by imsh_pl (3333 posts) -

 The StarCraft and Ryu ones are amazing.

#105 Posted by hermes (1641 posts) -

My favorite is the Metal Gear one, but all of them are great... 
Congratulations to the winners

#106 Edited by Pop (2652 posts) -

this is just crazy, that starcraft one is the craziest. 
what people will do for a contest. xD

#107 Posted by darkjester74 (1603 posts) -

The Solid Snake was the best IMO, but all of these are amazing.  Very well deserved you guys, congrats!  =D

#108 Edited by JoeDangerous (8 posts) -

incredible jobs mates!  best count yourselves lucky that I didn't have my drawpad with me ;) 
gotta say my favorite one was the Dead Space pic, but then again I'm a huge Dead Space fan so that wasn't hard for me.

#109 Posted by Gramiero (142 posts) -

These are all really great! Congrats to all the winners!

#110 Posted by Draugrim (135 posts) -

Amazing work on all of these. Doubly so considering the timeframe.

#111 Posted by Bokan (12 posts) -

These are amazing, great work.
Love the megaman one :)

#112 Posted by MichaelBach (896 posts) -


#113 Posted by sawfish22 (237 posts) -

Love these!  I'd love to own a collection of gaming-related Russian stacking dolls to display in my office! :)

#114 Posted by Hoshnasi (356 posts) -

I always either fought flashman or metalman first.

#115 Posted by amomjc (977 posts) -

Some epic looking stuff some people came up with. The Metal Gear Solid truly is my favorite, that made me laugh.

#116 Posted by Diachron (88 posts) -

Grats to all the winners..  impressive work guys.

#117 Posted by pjalne (3 posts) -

Love the hadouken.

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