Character Continously Unable to Move

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I don't know what is causing this, I have never played a game that had this problem and it is very annoying. Periodically, sometimes every fight, I will be unable to move at all. I can solve the problem by saving the game and then loading that save, but it is extremely annoying to have to continually reload the game. This occurred in my first playthrough and also again in a new playthrough with a scoundrel. I tried one of the fixes someone suggested about unchecking a box after right clicking in the processes(something about unchecking one of the processors listed that the exe will work on). That did not work either. Is there any definitive fix on this? :(

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yep that shit happened to me to you just have to live with it perhaps using a wired keyboard may fix it.

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@Canarith said:

I tried one of the fixes...

No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

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