ontheocho's Star Wars: X-Wing Collector Series (PC) review

The True Star Wars Experience

X-wing was a masterpiece of a game that put you in the cockpit of the most powerful fighter craft in the known universe...from a certain point of view.  One might argue that power does not derive from the single ship, but the many.

Tie Fighter was the first Star Wars game to put you on the other side of the cannon that is the classic Star Wars conflict: The Rebel Alliance versus The Empire.  Here you are an agent of the empire, and the game is designed to make you sympathetic to the traditionaly "evil" cause.  Sure you're supporting emperialsim, sure you're blowing up your beloved X-wings that you just recenly held so dear, sure the storm troopers are wearing bizzare 1990's versions of their armor, but it was a dramatic change that was orchestrated with care and crafting.

Even though you play as a much weaker vessle, the strory is strong, the joystick happy combat is refined from the bench mark setting X-Wing, and sometimes it's just fun to be the bad guy...from a certain point of view.


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