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The most versatile RTS 0

Starcraft enthralls you in a story of amazing appeal, it grapples with the very concepts of creation and meaning, and it even sinks its way into the emotions of your character. Starcraft truely is a flexible and versatile game.Aside from Starcraft having a great variability and balance to its races and units, it also has one of the largest and most popular following of the RTS community in the world. This game is moddable, online, and mappable. People release dozens of maps every week that are b...

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The prefect addition to an already perfect game 0

Soon after the release of the original game the powers that be decided an expansion set was needed to further enhance the addiction of millions of people and so they came out with Star Craft Brood War. Then the craziness begun, even more user created content was spawning all over the web, fan fiction, campaigns, battle net… you name it. 10 years after it all started it is still going strong, that just doesn’t stop amazing me. What Brood Wars brings to the table is the continuing story of our he...

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