The Giant Bomb Giveaway Thread

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Your account has been verified, with 120 games, valued at $1,227.66. Woof.....but glad I have only paid full price for maybe 2 of those.

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@moonlightmoth: Thank you for Walking Dead Season 2! Steam isn't stable right now, so I'll definitely mark it as received later.

I'll blame my tardiness on not expecting to win that giveaway.

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Worms Crazy Golf

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@moonlightmoth: Woah, thanks for this. I entered for Bioshock Infinite and Jack Lumber.

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Shout out to @moonlightmoth for the give aways! This is the first time I've ever won anything like this! Appreciate it duder.

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Hey is this still running then? I've been using steamgifts for a while and wasn't aware a giant bomb group existed! if i'm eligible that is?

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A Humble Bundle link for ArmA II on Steam:

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@vikg: Looks like, nobody wants Desure Codes. I got both. Thank you very much

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Thanks to all of the duders who are keeping the gift giving alive! :D

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@moonlightmoth: Thanks again for Paper Sorcerer! This game is really neat.

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Hey folks. I have a copy of To The Moon to give away. I know it's been given away countless times but if anyone still needs it the bidding opens at midnight and ends next Friday at noon.


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Sold a bunch of trading cards and stuff that I know I would never use, bought some (on sale) games to giveaway!

Two copies of 10,000,000

...and a copy of AI WAR

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Steamgifts doesn't let me log in anymore. It says I'm logged in on the steam page but not the actuall SG page. Anybody else with similar problems?

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@ghostiet: Go to your created list. Click on the one you want the image for, then at the bottom area where the comments are, it will say x comments, x entries. The last in the line is signature. Click on that. It will have the link to the image for that giveaway.

It will look like this: [url=][img][/img][/url]

Then you can use that image like this:

But I can't figure out how to make an image a link myself.

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I've got copies of Hotline Miami and Dear Ester to give away.

Hotline Miami

Dear Ester

Both end in a week. 21st Feb.

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Borderlands 2:Headhunter 4: Wedding Day Massacre (DLC)


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I'm moving out of my apartment next week, so I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff. In that spirit, please take these games off my hands for me. Giveaways end at the time my movers are set to show up (26 Feb 2014, 0800 EST). Good luck, Batman... or something like that.

Toy Soldiers



Bioshock 2

Civ V: Game of the Year


Fallout 3: Game of the Year

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GotY

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hitman: Blood Money

Deus Ex: Human Revolution + The Missing Link DLC

I also no longer still no longer (again) have an extra copy of Deadlight, but can't create any more giveaways at the moment. So the first person who's somehow invested in the site (think premium member or at least some forum posts) to PM me and ask for Deadlight gets it.

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Well the Humble Bundle added some games, and since i already had one of them, i figure i would give it away:


Hmm... steamgifts is down right now, so i guess i'll gift this to the winner tomorrow (or whenever the site comes back up), sorry for the delay.

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