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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War


Strategic Points are the alternative to the traditionalReal Time Strategy (RTS) resource gathering model. In the past, RTS games used special resource gathering units to gather resources. For example, in Starcraft the Terrans used SCVs to gather minerals. In Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Strategic Points provides the resource called Requisition Resource, and requires no units to harvest it. This takes the micromanaging out of resource gathering and puts a greater focus on combat. Strategic Points also have the benefit of revealing infiltrated units, and unlocking special units.

The Strategic Point system is based around the concept of map control. A player cannot build a resource farm and play a defensive game. The system rewards the player that will aggressively seek Strategic Points and therefore gain control more of the map. Having more strategic Points will provide the player with more Requisition Resource.

Strategic Points are considered neutral at the beginning of a battle. A Strategic Point can be captured by specific units. The unit will approach the Strategic Point and will plant a flag into it. The player who captured the Strategic Point will own that point and will gain Requisition Resource. An opposing player can un-capture the point from the previous owner, and re-capture it.

A captured Strategic Point will continue to gain Requisition Resource automatically. After 15 minutes, the point is considered decayed. A decayed Strategic Point will produce less Requisition Resource. This is to prevent relying on the Strategic Points near your base, and encourage the player to fight for map control.

Strategic Point

Strategic Point
The Strategic point is the central resource mechanic in the game. Map control and the rate of the Requisition Resource are centered on the Strategic Point. These points are the most abundant type of Strategic Point. On the minimap the Strategic Point will appear as a purple dot. After capturing a Strategic Point the player's Requisition rate will go up by 6. Usually there will be Strategic Points that lie in close proximity to the players starting location. Capturing and defending those will net the player a beginning supply of resources. Other Strategic Points will be farther from the starting locations and be contested by other players. Players are rewarded for aggressively seeking Strategic Points with a striving economy. Strategic Points have a sight radius of 35 and a detection radius of 7.


Relic Strategic Point
The Relic Point allows the production of 'Relic Units.' Relic Units are the powerful top tier units of each army. Relics appear less frequently than Strategic Points. It is possible for a map to not have any Relics whatsoever. Relics appear as a yellow dot on the minimap. After capturing a Relic the player's Requisition rate will go up by 6. Strategic Points have a sight radius of 15 and a detection radius of 7.
Space Marines: Land Raider
Chaos Space Marines: Bloodthirster
Orks: Squiggoth
Eldar: Avatar of Khaine
Imperial Guard: Baneblade
Necrons: Restored Monolith
Tau: Greater Knarloc
Dark Eldar: Dais of Destruction
Sisters of Battle: Living Saint

Critical Point

Critical Point.

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