Getting out of an endless combo of assists - with low followup

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Some dudes online are literally killing me in one combo with assist into low kick medium punch, any variation of shor/tatsu then into another assist combo, helps!

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Are you speaking English?

But seriously...just from my short time in singleplayer I know what I want nothing to do with the kind of people that will be online. I'll probably break my controller. I'll probably get stuck in these combos you speak of.

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How difficult are these combos to do?

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

How difficult are these combos to do?

from what I've seen it can be as easy as light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, and then you hit heavy punch + heavy kick to knock ur opponent into the air. Then I guess you can repeat it with the other character...maybe?

Still figuring out the systems. Almost just reminds me of MvC3's kind of combo system.

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Learn to block.

That's really the only answer.

Also the heaviest hitting combos I've seen take off about 50% health and that's with full meter and a jump-in.

#6 Posted by StarvingGamer (9078 posts) -
@ImmortalSaiyan The really high damaging combos have a fairly high degree of difficulty because they require you to go back and forth between performing links and chains, all with very strict timing windows of only a few frames of animation. Also they are highly situational as they require large amounts of meter as well as strict positioning.
#7 Posted by PureBacon (39 posts) -

Not difficult to pull off, x, y, r1 into next character, wallbounce with 1 button, x, y, r1 (or a, b, r2 if you wanna be fancy) into the next assist, into the next wallbounce. 2 of these = round over, opponent is not given a second chance to block

#8 Posted by Syndrom (410 posts) -

so, these combo's are cheap as fuck? online will be so much fun fighting these wankers

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