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Sulik is from a small tribal village near the ocean. He left when his sister Kurisu was stolen by slavers. He is very good with melee weapons. Sulik is a spiritual tribal, often conversing with spirits, especially his grandfather, whom he channels through the bone in his nose, which he calls "Grampy Bone". His spirits can give cryptic advice on certain locations. 

Personal Quest 

Much of Sulik's personal quest could not be put into Fallout 2 due to time restraints. According to the Fallout 2 design documents it was originally intended for Sulik and the Chosen One to be able to find Sulik's sister and fight his archenemy Shadow-Who-Walks. However these had to be cut and whether Sulik found his sister or not was never told, but it did not happen when he accompanied the Chosen One. In the Fallout Restoration Project Mod all of these plot threads can be resolved. It was intended for Kurisu to appear in Black Isle's cancelled Fallout 3
Sulik is voiced by Greg Eagles

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