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Super Bonk (JP: Chou-Genjin, EU/AU: Super BC Kid) is a platformer from RED Entertainment and Hudson Soft and part of their Bonk series of surreal prehistoric platformers featuring the eponymous caveman Bonk. The first three games were developed for the TurboGrafx-16/CD, but the series transferred to the Super Nintendo for the last two games as the TG16 was months away from being discontinued in Japan and the US. The game was followed by Chou-Genjin 2 in 1995, which did not receive a localization.

Super Bonk puts Bonk on another adventure after he is being teleported through time and space by his nemesis King Drool. He ends up passing through modern Tokyo, a funfair, an enormous dinosaur's innards and the moon. The shrink/grow mechanics from Bonk 3 return, and Bonk now transforms into unusual creatures when in his "meat" mode: a powered-up form that occurs when Bonk eats meat, and a second form that is near-indestructible if Bonk eats another meat while powered up (or eats a large meat, which instantly takes him to the second form).

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